Disco Cheetah-Korean Tacos and Burritos

Disco Cheetah just opened up last year and I finally managed to try them at the Food Cart Fest this month. Their truck is a bright yellow color and easy to spot! I was excited to try Korean-Mexican fusion food.

Disco Cheetah
This was the menu they had on the day I went to the Food Cart Fest. When I visited again a few weeks later (not at the Food Cart Fest), I noticed they had the option of having the burrito as a bowl for $10 and if you want it as a burrito only it was $9 but at the Food Cart Fest the burrito was $10 too. Another menu difference I noticed was that the non-food cart fest menu had a Grilled Cheese Quesadilla option for $10.

Disco Cheetah
They had a special combo where you can get two tacos for $9 whereas they are $5 each individually. They have 3 flavours: chili chicken, bulgogi and soy tofu.

I chose the Chili Chicken taco and the Bulgogi taco. The chili chicken came with chipotle cabbage slaw, pickled red cabbage and verde sauce. The chicken had a nice spicy hit and the chicken wasn’t dry. The bulgogi came with kimchi slaw, house chili sauce, and sesame leaves. Also not a bad choice but to my surprise, I preferred the bolder flavour of the chili chicken taco. Both tacos had a good amount of filling.

Disco Cheetah

On my other visit, I had the Bulgogi Burrito. It was a hefty size and filled with kimchi fried rice, pickled red cabbage, spinach, kimchi slaw, and Korean chili mayo.

Disco Cheetah

I could taste the pickled cabbage and kimchi slaw in every bite! On the other hand, if you’re not into pickled things you may not like it as much since it might have overwhelmed the beef. The beef was tender but I thought the kimchi rice could’ve been more flavourful and maybe less soft. Otherwise this was a pretty good deal for lunch and very filling.

Disco Cheetah
The Bulgogi Burrito Bowl is essentially the same thing but the portion looks a bit bigger and there’s a cute heart shaped egg on top of the beef. Now you can see all the colorful ingredients laid out!

Value wise, the burrito is probably better since there’s a lot more filling compared to the tacos. It seems like people really like tacos in Vancouver! I always worry about all the filling spilling out and having to bite both ends and keep the juice from running down my arm or something so I prefer burritos! You can also just wrap it up and eat it later.

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