Lips Resto

My friend was moving to Taiwan for her new teaching job so we were going to eat with her before she left. We decided on Lips Resto since it just opened and it had nice pictures. The restaurant was empty except for one table when we arrived at 7pm. Turns out we didn’t even need a reservation. It’s never a good sign to have an empty restaurant! Even a new one. We appreciated the nice dining space though.

Lips RestoSo my friends wanted Oysters so we ordered 6 served with horseradish, fennel and dill slaw. I forgot what the two sauces on the side were. I literally forgot right after the waiter said it. Oops. We thought the oysters were really small.

Lips Resto

This was the Grilled Moroccan Chicken Thighs, with crackling, pickled carrot and cumin yogurt. There was also some roti on the side as well. I don’t think this dish was too impressive overall. The chicken was tender and well seasoned but as much as I love chicken, it just didn’t seem like all the elements went together?

Lips RestoThis was the Salt Spring Island Mussels and Clams in a pork broth with lemon grass meatballs, fennel, onion and cilantro. There was also a side of toasted bread. The portion was good and the meatballs were really tasty! The bread wasn’t really ideal for dipping in the broth though and I didn’t really like the broth that much. I think I prefer a creamier broth.

Lips RestoThis was the BEST dish of the night. It was a Smoked Black Cod with clams, peas, hand cut pappardelle, Β confit jalapeno, egg yolk and padano. I love black cod so I was sure I would like this either way. The black cod was indeed smoky and very flaky and buttery! The pappardelle soaked up all the sauces and it was perfectly cooked as well. I’m not sure how they cooked the egg yolk but we had trouble popping it and then it wasn’t the gooey kind so it was hard to mix in with everything else without ruining the presentation. We found the portion to be quite generous too. The only thing I might complain about was that the dish was a tad oily?

We probably didn’t order the right things so we had some hits and misses but if you do go, be sure to get the smoked black cod!

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