Mom’s Grilled Cheese-Sweet Little Val

For some reason, I am always compelled to order things that restaurants do not specialize in and I know it but I do it anyway. In this case, I decided that instead of grilled cheese, I would order a dessert sandwich. I know that sounds like a terrible idea already but I just wanted to try it!

Mom's Grilled Cheese

This was the Sweet Little Val, with lemon mascarpone, poached blueberries with thyme and honey, and slivered toasted almonds grilled between buttered brioche. The flavours just didn’t appeal to me here and the toasted almonds didn’t seem to belong with the rest of the sandwich. Also I didn’t like the mascarpone too much. Overall it was sweet but also slightly salty from the buttered brioche. It came with the usual Hardbite potato chips and pickle slice.

Now I know to stick to their grilled cheese!!! Has anyone else tried their sweet sandwiches???

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  1. Jenn says:

    I had the Sweet Little Val when it was made with graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate on brioche. It was really delicious! The Sweet Little Val changes seasonally, so maybe the next one will be better :)

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