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My co-workers were craving burgers so we decided to hit up Romer’s Burger Bar in Yaletown. They have three locations: River District, Kitsilano and Yaletown. The burgers at Romer’s do not come with fries so you will have to add them separately to your order. The fries come in an individual size or in a shareable size.

Romer's Burger Bar

This was the Monty Mushroom Burger made with a hand-crafted patty, carmelized onions, sauteed portobello mushrooms, her garlic Boursin, and baby arugula. Each burger is also accompanied with a banana pepper if you want to add some spice to your burger.

Romer's Burger BarThe Man’s Man Burger comes with maple smoked bacon, amble ale cheddar, smoked alder salts, onion strings, vine-ripened tomato, whole-grain mustard and olive oil mayo. All the onion strings piled on top makes this an impressive looking burger!

Romer's Burger BarThree of us ordered the Romer’s Righteous Rib Burger with Angus beef, maple smoked bacon, braised short rib, sweet onions, gorgonzola garlic sauce, and fresh thyme. Let’s take a moment to appreciate all that glorious meat!!!

We all stared at our burgers and wondered how to eat them but really the best way is to just pick it up and dig in! The toasted brioche bun was soft and all the meat was juicy. Not dripping down your arm juicy but just right. They were also very generous with the slabs of bacon! Needless to say, I did not finish this but my super skinny co-worker (you know who you are!) helped me polish it off. She also helped my other co-worker with her burger as well as finishing off her own burger. O__O I wish I could eat that much.

We also found out after that you can add lettuce and tomato to your burger free of charge!!! They should’ve let us know in the first place but they can bring it out to you after.

Romer's Burger BarWe had no idea the burgers would be that massive and we assumed we would have room for fries! In fact, I would rather save room for my fries than to finish my burger anyway.

We ordered a shareable size of the Truffle Oil and Reggiano Fries and we hardly made a dent in it. The fries have a superbly strong truffle oil flavour and smell while the fries were cooked perfectly to my liking. My aforementioned co-worker with the fast metabolism ended up taking these to go and polishing them off as well (how does she do it???).

In short, we had a very meaty and satisfying lunch. If you don’t eat much it would be a good idea to share something. Most of the burgers are around $13 and if you don’t need the fries, it would be a reasonably priced meal. If you want to cut the carbs, they also offer an option to wrap your burger in lettuce instead of having a bun for an additional $0.95.

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