The Mega Tower is a Must Have

Mega Sushi is tucked away on Sixth Avenue and Chatham Street in Steveston near Garry Point park. I actually went once last summer but never ended up blogging about it so I must blog about it this time! Mega Sushi has a lot of special rolls but they can get pricey.

Mega Sushi

We didn’t make a reservation so we were lucky they weren’t too busy that day. Actually, we had tried to go to Ichiro down the block but they were fully booked! Our food started coming within five minutes of us ordering. I was so impressed!!!ย 

Mega Sushi

First things first, let’s start with the Mega Tower. ย I have seen many pictures of this gastronomic structure so I didn’t get it on my first visit so I had to try it now! If you couldn’t tell already, this picture really does not do it justice. The tower is comprised of pressed sushi rice and layers of octopus, avocado, imitation crab meat and diced tuna and salmon on top. Then a salad is arranged around the tower with a balsamic vinegar dressing, apple sauce and homemade special sauce. Basically this was like eating two rolls. It does get messy and I was sad to break the tower but it was so delicious!

Mega SushiAs a filler roll, we ordered the Salmon and Avocado roll. The roll came with five pieces instead of the usual six.

Mega Sushi

I believe this was the Mega roll. This had deep fried salmon, green onion, and avocado in a roll with imitation crab, spicy mayo and tobiko on top. There was a lot of sauce on thisย but you can still taste all the ingredients.

Mega Sushi

This was the Steveston roll with tuna, cucumber, and avocado with homemade spicy sauce and crunch. This one wasn’t as “special” but there is really nothing I don’t like about these rolls (except maybe the price). Both of these rolls were $9-$10. I suppose this is standard these days.

Hopefully I can give Ichiro a try next time but I would definitely go back to Mega Sushi too!

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