Sugarholic Cafe-Revisit

When Sugarholic Cafe first opened, I had some doubts about them but they seem like they may be here to stay. I did say that I was willing to come back and try some of their other items.

Their menu is a fusion of Asian and Western dishes. I love that their menu has pictures! The restaurant decor is very cutesy too.

Sugarholic Cafe

The Seafood Pizza Waffle sounded delicious on the menu and the picture looked appetizing too so we decided to try it. The waffle is topped with small pieces of shrimp and scallop as well as pizza sauce and some cheese and mayo drizzled over it.

I was pretty excited for this but there was just wayyy too much pizza sauce and it was too overwhelming! That’s pretty much all you can taste. The waffle was kind of like a mochi waffle and very chewy so this wasย a very filling dish. I still kind of think the texture of the waffle is a bit weird but it’s not bad. I think they can tone down the pasta sauce so that the focus can be on the seafood more and maybe add more cheese?ย 

Sugarholic Cafe

The Curry Cream Risotto with Chicken Steak came with some delicious rice in a curry cream sauce. The curry wasn’t really spicy but had a good flavour. I liked the crisp and juicy fried chicken on top.

Sugarholic Cafe

After debating for a long time, I ended up getting the Butter Soy Scallion Sauce Beef and Egg on Rice. The beef ended up being very dry and disappointing! I should’ve went for the pasta or the omelette fried rice!!! =( I make terrible decisions sometimes…

Sugarholic Cafe

This was the Creamy Masago Pasta with Crab Meatย and a soft boiled egg on the side. The pasta was indeed creamy and there was the perfect amount of sauce but there really wasn’t that much masago so it didn’t have much of a fishy taste. Also there wasn’t much crab meat either. Not sure if it was actual crab meat or imitation crab meat… Despite all that, it’s still a decent dish if you’re not picky about it.

Sugarholic Cafe

Despite being quite full, dessert was a must! This was the Chocolate Honey Toast garnished with some slivered almonds. The chocolate sauce that covered the toasted honey bread was very thick! I don’t think it was just melted chocolate ice cream so they must have put some other chocolate cream on top too? Anyway, it was ridiculously addicting and I inhaled it. Despite being full. I like this one better than the one I tried at Icy Bar. Maybe because it had more sauce.

We had some hits and misses but I guess I would go back now that I’ve tried more dishes andย the pricing is pretty good and the location is convenient.

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