Sushi Aria

I saw that a new sushi restaurant had opened where Luv Cravings used to be on Cambie and King Edward. It’s also sandwiched between Corner 23 and Copa Cafe. Since it’s fairly new, it was empty when we went but we decided to try it anyway because I’m a food blogger and that’s what I do! Also I read on Raymond’s Sushi Adventures that it was not bad. The restaurant has a lot of booth seating.

Sushi Aria

The first roll we received was the Caribbean roll which was basically like a rainbow roll but with tamago inside. It was nicely constructed but it just seemed kind of dry? Or it was more evident that the rice was bland and could’ve used more vinegar? Maybe I’m just too used to rolls drenched in sauce these days. 

Sushi Aria

We ordered some more basic rolls (left to right): Alaska roll, Unagi roll and the Smoked Salmon roll . These rolls didn’t look as put together as the Caribbean roll above but they were pretty basic. The Smoked Salmon roll was nothing like I expected though. It was overly large and cumbersome to eat and it was filled with 90% crab meat…Compared to the tiny piece of smoked salmon on top, it was just strangely disproportionate…

Sushi AriaLastly we needed to try their Salmon Oshi Sushi. Priced at $10.25 for 8 pieces, this is a steal compared to Miku but obviously I couldn’t expect the same quality.  The sushi just didn’t have the same buttery texture and I felt that the mayo was over-powering in this case. Also, it was a bit weird that the jalapeno they put on top was just half of a slice ? So my craving was not quite satisfied but for the price it was not bad.

Perhaps it would’ve been better to try some of their cooked food items too. I would probably come here out of convenience since it’s so close to the Canada Line and also the prices are reasonable. I think they will probably last longer than Luv Cravings at least!

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