Dae-Ji Pork Cutlet House-Kimchi Fried Rice Redefined

Dae-Ji Pork Cutlet House looks a bit run down from the outside but the food is so good! There’s limited seating inside and you can’t have a group with more than 4 people but it’s worth the wait! They are located on Dunsmuir and Seymour with various other locations as well.

Dae-Ji Pork Cutlet House

First off, I must talk about the Kimchi Fried Rice!!! This was my favourite dish here. Don’t worry I’ll get to the pork cutlet soon!

The kimchi fried rice came with a fried egg on top and it was served with a bit of corn, pickled daikon, lettuce salad and macaroni salad as side dishes. Surprisingly, the kimchi was not really that spicy and my friends who aren’t into spicy foods can attest to this since they loved it too! It was really savoury and well seasoned but had the right essence of kimchi in it somehow. The sunny side up egg was a nice touch too. We could not stop eating this!!! The rice came with miso soup but none of us tried it.

Dae-Ji Pork Cutlet House

We also shared the Curry Pork Cutlet set which came with the same sides as the kimchi fried rice. The pork cutlet was crispy and not dry! It was also not too thick or thin. The sweet Japanese style curry sauce paired well with the rice.

Dae-Ji Pork Cutlet House

Finally, we shared the Hamburger Steak which comes with a gravy sauce.

Dae-Ji Pork Cutlet House

The inside was incredibly fluffy and tender! It almost melts in your mouth because it’s so soft.

We were all incredibly satisfied with our meal here and I can’t wait to come back again! I also noticed that they have fried chicken! Has anyone tried it?!

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