Hot Chocolate Festival-Bella Gelateria

The Hot Chocolate Festival is on again for the sixth year and after perusing some hot chocolate menus, the Black Magic from Bella Gelateria caught my eye. It’s made with Dark 63% Vanuari chocolate with black sesame paste and matcha whipped cream. The Asian inspired flavours certainly sounded interesting in hot chocolate form!

Bella Gelateria

It was suppose to be served with a piece of black sesame biscotti but they ran out the day I went so they said that I could either not have a pastry to go with my hot chocolate and deduct $2 from my $7.50 drink or I can choose one of the other pastries. I saw that Erin Ireland’s banana bread was available so I decided to go with that. I love banana bread so it was an even better choice than  biscotti but unfortunately the piece they gave me was like a SLIVER and not even a slice!!! For $2 I expected a more substantial slice. Guess I can’t really compare it to banana bread I could get from a coffee shop or something.

Anyway, on to the hot chocolate! It was not too sweet and you can taste the nutty flavours from the black sesame and it actually went well with the dark chocolate. The matcha whipped cream on top was a nice touch but I couldn’t really taste the matcha too much. It was still delicious though! Make sure you stir your drink because all my black sesame paste ended up on the bottom of my cup.

The Hot Chocolate Festival is on until Feb. 14, 2016 with 25 cafes participating.

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