Long’s Noodle House

I’ve noticed Long’s Noodle House a few years ago when I went to Au Petite Cafe  to try their bahn me sandwiches. Long’s Noodle House is right next door! I went pretty late at around 8:30pm so it was pretty empty and they said that they were closing soon so anything we order would be last call. The interior is small and sparsely decorated with one wall covered in a mirror to make it look bigger. The menu isn’t too big but it has all the classic Shanghainese dishes.

Long's Noodle House

The first item we ordered was the Drunken Chicken.

Long's Noodle House

The size is pretty small but it’s packed with chicken! The chicken was served slightly warm and the texture was smooth and tender. The wine flavour was absorbed well.

Long's Noodle House

Next we had the Dan Dan Noodles. The noodles came in a thick spicy peanut soup and the texture was just right. It was addictive enough to drink since it wasn’t too spicy.

Long's Noodle HouseLast but not least, we had to get an order of their well known XLB’s! These were super juicy with a very thin skin! It was as good as everyone said it was!

I’m so glad I finally gave this place a try! I expect that they would be very busy during peak hours since the restaurant is tiny but everything I tried was fantastic!

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