Chen’s Shanghai Kitchen

Chen’s Shanghai Kitchen is located in a plaza on Park Road just across from Richmond Centre. It’s hard to find parking in the parking lot during peak hours though since there are a few restaurants that share the parking lot.

Chen's Shanghai Kitchen

I’ve heard a lot about their XLB’s so that was a must order item. Thankfully they lived up to the hype with a nice thin skin, smooth pork and lots of juice inside! I’m generally not too picky about XLB anyway. They’re almost always good.Chen's Shanghai Kitchen

We also ordered some Beef Pancake Rolls but they were so skimpy on the filling here! See how flat they look? I’ve definitely had better and also I didn’t like the wrapper they used.

Chen's Shanghai Kitchen

Next up we have the Shanghai Stir Fried Thick Noodles. This dish was oily but it came with a lot of veggies.

Chen's Shanghai Kitchen

Ah this is one of my favourite dishes! Beijing Style Pork Chops! The pork was crispy on the outside while still being tender enough to chew. There were not too many bones and everything was well-coated with the sweet and sour sauce that I love.

Chen's Shanghai Kitchen

Not sure what this dish is really called but it consists of Honey Glazed Beef served with some buns on the side. As you can tell, I even like my meat sweet! This was a good version but compared to the pile of pork chops we just received before, this dish looked small.

We enjoyed everything here except for the disappointing beef pancake roll.

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