Bubble Waffle Cafe-Kerrisdale

Disclaimer: The noodle soup combo (noodle soup + 1 drink + bubble waffle) and takoyaki were complimentary and we paid for the chicken rice. Opinions are my own as usual.

I was invited to try Bubble Waffle Cafe when they messaged me on Instagram. Of course I was more than happy to go! Who doesn’t like bubble waffle?! Also I’ve never actually tried them before even though they have been expanding rapidly last year. The line ups are just too long and if you’ve been reading my blog, then you’ll know I hate line ups.

Bubble Waffle Cafe Kerrisdale

Their Kerrisdale location is their flagship store. It’s just a few stores down from Orange Corner. You won’t miss it with those giant sail flags! There’s even a small patio area outside which would be nice in the summer although it’s not covered so it would probably get kinda hot.

Bubble Waffle Cafe Kerrisdale

They have a really cool mural on the wall representing iconic things from Hong Kong. I’ve only been to Hong Kong twice but I was exited that I recognized a lot of the stuff!

Bubble Waffle Cafe Kerrisdale

Bubble Waffle Cafe Kerrisdale

To order, they give you a laminated card where you can fill in the bubbles with a marker to indicate what you want to order. Not sure if it’s my bad eyesight but everything was a bit crammed together and you really have to read carefully! The prices here are a bit higher than their other food court locations since the location is in Kerrisdale and it’s an actual restaurant. However, it’s reasonably priced compared to other HK style cafes.

Bubble Waffle Cafe Kerrisdale

Each rice or noodle combo comes with a drink. I went for the classic HK Style Milk Tea and my friend had the Iced Lemon Tea with Mango Stars. Both tasted great on a warm day although the milk tea had a bit too much ice.

Bubble Waffle Cafe Kerrisdale

I chose the Satay soup base with fried shrimp balls and fried fish cake as the two toppings with rice noodles ($9.95). The soup also came with bean curd and napa cabbage and a bit of cilantro. I really liked the satay soup base! It wasn’t too oily and there was just the right amount of flavour. I also haven’t had noodle soup in ages so this tasted especially good.

Bubble Waffle Cafe Kerrisdale

My friend chose the Haianese Chicken Rice ($10.95) because she didn’t feel like having noodle soup and we were going to share anyway. The chicken was not bad but there’s definitely better out there. The rice seemed a bit dry.

Bubble Waffle Cafe Kerrsidale

Okay so at this point my phone camera started going fuzzy… =( we also got to try their Takoyaki! There was a large piece of octopus in each ball and the inside wasn’t too mushy. The exterior could’ve been more crisp though and maybe more generous with the bonito flakes on top.

Bubble Waffle Cafe Kerrisdale

Now for the much awaited Bubble Waffle. We ended up getting the original flavour even though we really wanted to try the sesame flavour but since I clearly did not read the sheet properly, I didn’t check off the flavour option. Fail… in my defence, there wasn’t a round empty circle to fill out???

Anyway, we were pleased with the texture of the bubble waffle, it was wonderfully chewy inside!!! Original is always a solid choice. The cheesecake and Oreo flavours sounded good as well so I really need to go back…

This location is a great addition to the area and it would be convenient for students who are travelling to and from UBC.

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