Royce’ Chocolates

Disclaimer: I won the Royce’ Chocolates in a giveaway on Instagram. I love giveaways =D

If you haven’t heard already, Royce’ Chocolates is from Japan and they have opened a kiosk at Richmond Centre. It’s located near Shopper’s Drug Mart and H&M.

Royce' Chocolates

You won’t be able to resist checking out some of the goodies in their clean, minimalistic display.

Royce' Chocolates

I was allowed to choose any product from their product line and these chocolate covered potato chips certainly looked tempting! Price seems pretty steep for chocolate covered potato chips though.

Royce' Chocolates

These are the famous nama chocolates made with milk/cream from the Hokkaido region in Japan which is suppose to be known for their dairy products according to the manager I spoke with. He also gave me a sample of the matcha nama chocolates and I was already thinking of getting it as my prize but I was sold after the sample!

Royce' Chocolates

The chocolates are suppose to be stored in the fridge so they gave me this cooling bag for the chocolates to keep them cold if I wasn’t going home right away.

Royce' Chocolates

These nama chocolates retail for $23 per box. There is suppose to be a bit of liqueur in this but I didn’t taste anything.

Royce' Chocolates

The box comes with a mini shovel to help you scoop up your chocolates and help you separate them. It’s not hard to separate though you just need to gently wiggle it a bit.

At first bite, the chocolates are cool and taste incredibly¬†smooth and creamy. These aren’t too sweet and have a great matcha flavour! If you’re a fan of matcha chocolate you will like these for sure! You know what they remind me of? Coconama chocolates (available at various craft fairs, markets and I believe Izumiya Japanese Market in Richmond)!

The manager also mentioned that they plan on opening a kiosk at Oakridge sometime this year so look out for that if you’re in the area! This would be a nice gift for the matcha lover in your life.

Thanks again to Areta from¬†Foodgressing for the giveaway! Check out her site for more info on Royce’ Chocolates.





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