Dublin Crossing

Marine Gateway at Marine Drive Station is almost in full swing now as many shops are open. This includes two restaurants: Pink Elephant Thai and Dublin Crossing, which is an Irish pub. I’ve never been to an Irish pub before or well I don’t really go to pubs in general… so I wanted to try this one out since it looked nice and new.

Dublin Crossing

They have a small patio area outside. It would be hard to find free parking here though unless you’re willing to walk a bit. 


Our fancy water holder. There are actually two floors inside. I was on the first floor so I didn’t get to take a look at the second floor. I went on a Saturday night and there happened to be live music after 7pm.IMG_20160409_185104

We took a long time with the menu because we were busy chatting and our server checked on us three times. Finally we just asked for her suggestions and she said the Thai Curry Mussels were good and my friend wanted seafood so we went with it. This dish is actually listed as an appetizer. The mussels were super tiny though and the curry flavour was extremely weak. The dish is about $14 though so it’s a lot cheaper than other mussel dishes that I’ve had so that could explain the TINY mussels. You get what you pay for.


She also recommended the Stuffed Yorkshire Pudding which is a traditional Irish dish. I’ve never had Yorkshire pudding before and had no idea what it was but I was willing to give it a try. This came with mashed potatoes, gravy and some vegetables.

The Yorkshire pudding is basically like a large piece of bread stuffed with beef but the beef was so dry and chewy and flavourless. The top was drizzled with some horseradish cream which kind of helped but flavours were severely lacking here. The bread was soft in the middle and it will fill you up but really nothing special.

The best part of this dish was probably the mashed potatoes and the vegetables. Surprisingly the  vegetables were not bland and were buttery and well seasoned. Price wise it was also about $13 so it’s relatively cheap but there is definitely better food elsewhere!

Based on my experience, the food was terrible… maybe drinks would be better? Or a burger. Just don’t expect much from the food.

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