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Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Pearl Castle

Pearl Castle is one of my favorite Taiwanese cafes and I used to come here a lot before some of the newer Taiwanese cafes popped up. Even my parents like it! I was invited to a menu tasting by ChineseBites with Sophia (Every Day Is a Food Day) so I was excited to try some new things and old favourites. We ordered 4 appies, 4 drinks and 4 entrees! It was enough to feed another three people… Pearl Castle

First off we have Fish Cakes! These were hot and fresh with an appealing bouncy texture when you bite into it. The hot sauce isn’t really necessary as these taste good on their own already.

Pearl Castle

I’ve never ordered the Fried Pork Chop before because I prefer the fried chicken thigh but it was actually really good. The five spice seasoning was tasty and the pork chops are a bit fatty so the meat was superbly tender and succulent.

Pearl Castle

We can’t go to a Taiwanese cafe and not order Chicken Nuggets! I don’t think I can get sick of this. These were crisp and meaty but it didn’t have any basil. I think the version I had at Firebird Cafe recently was slightly better than Pearl Castle.

The Taiwanese Sausage is made in house and came with a garlic dipping sauce? Taiwanese sausage is a little sweeter than American sausage and each bite was tasty.

Pearl Castle Our first entree was the Kimchi Fried Udon. I found the noodles to be too soft for me but there was a good amount of kimchi in it and some pork as well. It ended up being our least favourite dish though. Each entree came with grass jelly as a dessert. I believe they change this up regularly.

Pearl Castle

I’ve ordered this a lot before and this is the Red Fermented Pork Chop with Fried Rice. The red fermented pork chop tastes like it has a sweet soy sauce flavour? It’s hard to describe until you try it! The pork chop was crispy and tender while the rice was fried with a mixture of veggies. The rice was quite oily though but flavourful.

Pearl CastleNext we have the Scallion Beef Slices as a meal. With a name like scallion beef slices, it didn’t seem all that interesting to me but lo and behold, I was surprised again. This was cooked in a sweet soy sauce mixture and the beef was really tender! I’m sure I could eat a lot of rice with this! Unfortunately, the side dishes were rather bland this time.

Pearl Castle

Our last entree was the Milky Seafood and Pork Hot Pot set. I generally don’t order hot pots but this was quite tasty as well. The soup base was indeed smooth, creamy and milky. It came with a variety of seafood such as squid, shrimp and fish balls as well as pork. A satay dipping sauce was also provided on the side.
Pearl Castle

This was the Roasted Rice Lattea which my friend ordered. It’s foamy at the top and has a mild roasted flavour to it.

Pearl Castle

This was the Ferrero Rocher Frappe with whipped cream on top and of course, a piece of Ferrero Rocher.
Pearl Castle
This was the Sunset Love with Aiyu Jelly. The mixture of orange, pineapple and peach was refreshing and the aiyu jelly was sorta like coconut jelly but not coconut flavoured? It just tasted sweet and jelly-like.

Pearl Castle

Lastly, I had the Rose Milk Tea which is made with real tea so it takes longer to make because they have to steep the tea. The rose flavour is very mild though but it was still a pleasant drink.

As usual Pearl Castle did not disappoint and the prices and portions are still great! I did find that the stuff we ordered was on the salty side this time but we did have a lot of fried stuff.

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