Buro Coffee-My Introduction to a Spanish Latte

Buro Coffee opened up last year on the edge of Gastown. It’s in the triangular shaped building where Cordova meets Water Street and Richards Street.

Buro Coffee

I love how there are big windows on all sides.

Buro Coffee

It’s fairly spacious inside and great for studying but it can get crowded and really loud on the weekend!

Buro Coffee

I remember reading about fellow bloggers Mel and Grace trying a Spanish Latte before and how great it was so I had made a mental note to try it someday too. I don’t actually go to coffee shops often though so when I saw that Buro Coffee had a Spanish Latte, I knew I had to get it.

Buro Coffee

So what exactly is a Spanish Latte? It’s espresso on condensed milk and then topped with steamed milk. Instead of having other sweeteners like syrups, it uses condensed milk. I love condensed milk so it tasted amazing to me! I can’t believe I haven’t tried this sooner. This could be my new go-to drink. A regular size is $4.75 while a large or iced version is $5.75.

Buro Coffee
Lots of baked goods!

Buro Coffee

I also had the Pumpkin Pecan Pie Bar which is gluten free and sugar free. I was surprised that they had a pumpkin flavoured item in spring! This consisted of pumpkin seeds, flaxmeal, coconut oil, sunflower seeds, dates, cranberry and spices for $4.50. All the ingredients are natural and I could taste the dates and spices. The texture of the bar was smooth and soft but it could’ve used a bit more sweetness for me. The flavours did live up to the “sugar free” disclaimer!

I think I’ll be checking out more coffee shops for Spanish Lattes!

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