Caliburger-Another Fast Food Option

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

My beauty blogger friend Carmen (Curiously Carmen) invited me to be her plus one to the Caliburger media tasting earlier this month. I had actually never heard of Caliburger before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. They are located on Thurlow and Robson in the same small complex as Guu. This is their second location in Canada.



The menu isn’t too big with just five types of burgers but they do serve beer as well as milkshakes (regular/spiked)! Too bad I didn’t get to try the milkshakes, they sounded promising.Caliburger

Combos are expensive!

A sample tray of burgers. The two in the front seem to be the Cali Chicken and Chipotle BBQ Chicken and the two in the back are the CaliBello and CaliDouble.


The first thing I managed to snag was a sample of their Fries, Cali-Style. I’ve never been to In and Out before but this is suppose to be a copy cat of their animal style fries. The fries were thinly cut with the skin still on and topped with carmelized onions, cheese and mayo.

I thought the fries were not bad but the mayo was a bit too salty. I was hoping it’d be a chipotle mayo or something but I couldn’t discern any particular flavours here. Keeping in mind that this was just a sample size, there could’ve been a lot more carmelized onions! Still better than McDonald’s poutine.

This was the CaliBello, their vegetarian burger made with a breaded and deep fried portobello mushroom. I thought the mushroom patty was quite thick! We inquired as to why the middle part was pink but they said it was just the way the mushroom was and safe to eat. The texture was firm and I liked the extra crunch from the breading. Pretty sure this is the first mushroom burger I’ve ever had so I don’t have anything to compare it to. Caliburger

Carmen is lactose intolerant so she had her burger wrapped in lettuce instead!


This was the CaliDouble made with two beef patties, lettuce, tomato, and real cheese. I also found this to be on the salty side but the beef was really moist and tender. The burger was very juicy! It also could’ve been from the tomatoes too but at least it wasn’t dry!

Cross section view. They also have the same self-serve drink machines as movie theatres and Wendy’s where you can select all kinds of different flavoured soft drinks!


This is an interactive wall where you can play games with other people in the restaurant. Not sure exactly how it works though!

Another high tech feature they have is that they can let you “rent” mini phone chargers for you to use on the table. Really cannot explain how this one works either sorry!

If I were to visit Caliburger on my own, I’d probably just get the burger because making it a combo costs an additional $5.98! A combo includes a large soft drink and fries. Seems steep to me… Also this is assuming the burgers get less salty but I understand that this was just their media tasting so things should improve later on if they haven’t already by the time you read this.

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  1. Benjamin says:

    It looks like a knock off of In-and-Outs ( In-and-out only operates where they can supply fresh patties to keep a standard of quality.

    You should try in and out when you’re in the states. This doesn’t seem to come close to the quality of food there! (being a bit critical without having tried Caliburger I know)

    With that said, would you be interested in trying out our free walking tours this summer to write about on your blog. We’d like to document the experience and your blog seems a good place to do so. As a thank you for your time, you’ll also have a Victorian Cream at Roger’s Chocolate (in addition to the food tasting already available – it’s just a small incentive for bloggers. Chocolate is always good). More information here:


  2. Nosh and Nibble says:

    In-and-Out comparisons aside, I enjoyed the CaliBello Burger and it was the first time I’d had a fried mushroom patty! Also agreed on the combo pricing being a little steep. As a non-soda advocate, I’d probably just get a couple burgers or grab a milkshake.

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