Charcoal Sushi and BBQ Restaurant

For Mother’s Day, my brother and I took my mom out for dinner at Charcoal Sushi. Located in the complex on No. 3 Road and Westminster Hwy, there’s plenty of parking here! Charcoal Sushi has about 7 medium sized tables inside and some bar seating. Each table also has a covered grill in the centre for BBQ meats. They take reservations but didn’t seem very busy for the Mother’s Day weekend.
Charcoal Sushi

We started off with a Chopped Scallop Roll and Smoked Salmon Roll. Fairly standard, the scalloped roll could’ve been rolled better.Charcoal Sushi

Next we had some Takoyaki. It was okay, not the best I’ve had. I thought the outside could’ve been more crisp. This was actually on their daily specials menu.Charcoal Sushi

Prawn Tempura came with a bit of seaweed flakes on top. The pieces of prawn were large and had great bouncy texture.Charcoal Sushi

The Assorted Sashimi (14pcs) came with salmon, tuna, ebi, hokkigai and tai. The menu doesn’t actually state what’s in the assorted sashimi so we probably should’ve asked since we aren’t fans of the tai and hokkigai. Also it was $20 so it would’ve been more enjoyable to have ordered two orders of the salmon sashimi.Charcoal Sushi

Our first specialty roll was The Submarine which consists of salmon, avocado and tobiko topped with seaweed salad. I ordered this because I love seaweed salad. Presentation was nice and it was well put together.

Charcoal Sushi

For our cooked dish, we had the Chicken Yakisoba. This was a good size and the chicken was moist and nicely grilled. Charcoal Sushi

The Rainbow Roll came with imitation crab, avocado, salmon, tuna, snapper, prawn, and hokkigai. There was also some wasabi mayo drizzled over this which I didn’t expect.
Charcoal Sushi

Lastly we had the restaurant’s namesake roll, The Charcoal Roll. This was my favourite roll and consisted of prawn tempura, spicy tuna and avocado, topped with salmon. There was also a drizzle of wasabi mayo in addition to ponzu sauce.

Price wise, Charcoal Sushi is leaning towards the higher end but the specialty rolls are pretty good. I feel like I could’ve gotten the same food for cheaper elsewhere but then I wouldn’t want to take my mom to a hole in the wall for Mother’s Day.

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