LIK N2 Ice Cream

LIK N2 Ice Cream

It’s finally warm in Vancouver and that means I’ll be eating a lot of ice cream! LIK N2 Ice Cream is one of the newest ice cream places to open up and they specialize in liquid nitrogen ice cream. They are located next to 7-11 on Robson and Hamilton, beside the library.

LIK N2 Ice Cream

I went after doing some indoor rock climbing and dinner and the store was full of people! I believe the liquid nitrogen is poured into the mixer with the ice cream to solidify it. We were told that the wait would be 10-15 minutes but it was actually faster than that except for one of my friends who’s order took longer for some reason.
LIK N2 Ice Cream

We asked them what their most popular flavour was and they said Vietnamese Coffee. Half our group ordered that and the other half got the Matcha Azuki. I debated if I should order something different just so that I can blog about it… but I decided not to. Each of these are $7.50 which is a bit steep to me (I used to think Earnest was expensive…). Another option is to order the ice cream by itself for $5.50 or create your own combo of toppings if you don’t like the options above.
LIK N2 Ice Cream

The Vietnamese coffee had a great coffee flavour and it was topped with Oreo crumble and a bit of whipped cream. The syringe contained, you guessed it, condensed milk! The texture of the ice cream was quite soft and it does start melting soon but not so fast that I would complain about it. The condensed milk was a good addition but it made it too sweet so use it sparingly. Also, initially it feels difficult to push the condensed milk out of the syringe.

The Matcha Azuki had matcha ice cream topped with mochi and red bean. The syringe contained some seriously flavourful matcha ganache. The matcha ice cream had a decent matcha flavour but not the most flavourful that I’ve had. This was a touch on the sweeter side as well but matcha and red bean are always a winning combo to me! Actually wait… it’s only been in recent years that I’ve learned to appreciate red bean so “always” is not as long as I make it sound hahaLIK N2 Ice Cream

Finally, the outlier in our group ordered the Mango Extreme with mango sorbet, fresh mango and also condensed milk. This was a refreshing option! I only had one bite so I can’t comment too much but he seemed to enjoy it. LIK N2 Ice Cream

The syringes can be recycled and they have a special bin for it. I did enjoy the ice cream but I’m not sure if I’ll be back because it is a bit expensive. The portion of ice cream was reasonably big but then again at Earnest, I could’ve gotten 2 scoops! Maybe if it was $6.50 I’d feel better about it and we all know the syringes are kind of gimmicky…

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