Hipster Brunch: Upstairs at Campagnolo

I was looking for a brunch place that was reasonably priced and I came across Upstairs at Campagnolo. I read about them before but forgot about them. I really wanted to go to Jam Cafe but I didn’t really want to wait. But then again I never do… hahaha

Upstairs at Campagnolo

You enter through this green door and go upstairs. They even have a helpful sign. 

Upstairs at Campagnolo

We arrived at 1pm and it was completely empty!!! The walls inside are painted green to match their door and it looks super hipster. We picked a nice sunny spot to sit, by the window.

Upstairs at Campagnolo

My friend ordered a Drip Coffee with some cream on the side. Notice the green cup?

Upstairs at Campagnolo

I read a lot about their famous Dirty Burger but I didn’t really feel like eating a burger. It’s not very brunch-like to me! The first thing on their menu is the Fried Chicken and Biscuits and that immediately got my attention! This girl can eat fried chicken all day any day! The dish is served with pimento cheese sauce, hash browns and two sunny side up eggs. All this for $15!Upstairs at Campagnolo

The chicken had an insanely crispy skin/batter! There was actually a bit too much batter though and maybe not as much chicken as it looks. There was a very large piece of biscuit underneath all this and it was very buttery and soft!

And omg the hash browns were amazing! They were SUPER crispy on the outside and buttery and soft on the inside and probably fried in lots of fat but damn it was good! Thankfully there was also a good helping of salad to help balance things out! The pimento cheese sauce was quite thick and almost gravy like in texture. It added a savoury touch to the dish but it made it even more heavy. But this is fried chicken and biscuits so what did I expect?

Upstairs at Campagnolo

This was the Baked Eggs which comes with house made chorizo, tomato, olives and spinach served with a side of bread. This is a nice dish to get if you want something a bit lighter. It was essentially two poached eggs in tomato sauce. My friend thought the bread could’ve been cut a bit thicker to help soak up the tomato sauce better.

Upstairs at Campagnolo

They also have daily specials of doughnuts available! These looked delicious and decadent but sadly I had no room left. Maybe another time!

Brunch here did not disappoint and prices are very reasonable and portions are great! The bacon pancakes and braised lamb collar hash sounded scrumptious as well. Also I may have to come back for that dirty burger!

Read about my dinner at Campagnolo (downstairs) here.

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  1. YVR Food Review says:

    The baked eggs looks like Shakshuka, a middle eastern breakfast dish. The eggs in their fried chicken and biscuits looks really fresh eh; the yolk seems like it’s popping.

    Found your blog on Zomato while checking out Upstairs at Campagnolo for their burgers. I hear they got good burgers.

    • Naomi says:

      hi thanks for checking out my blog! yes I heard their burgers are good too but I’ve yet to try it haha looking forward to your review if you do!

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