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Mister is the newest liquid nitrogen ice cream place in town. Specifically Yaletown and it’s really the second liquid nitrogen ice cream place we have in Vancouver with the first being Lik N2 Ice Cream. Mister has taken over Sweet Bake Shop’s old spot and it’s just across from the skytrain station.


Their store is very minimalistic looking and sparsely decorated. Their logo is equally simple, just a blue pentagon. Mister currently has four flavours: avocado, creme brule, dark chocolate and lemon FY. Seems like there is space on their menu for more new flavours. Mister

The shop is much smaller than Lik and doesn’t offer much in terms of seating. Just four stools at a mesh table. The concept is the same, you pour your liquid ice cream base into a mixer and pour liquid nitrogen in to freeze it quickly.

Sugar being sprinkled on top before torching

I ordered the Creme Brule after seeing pictures of it on Instagram. I was also here on that weekend in June with the intense heat wave so ice cream was a much needed treat!


Normally I wouldn’t have splurged on this because $8 for a small scoop is pricey! I can get an entire meal for that much…but it seems to be the trend nowadays?


The Creme Brule had a nice sugar encrusted top and I couldn’t wait to dig in!


After breaking through the top, the ice cream underneath was smooth and creamy and you can see bits of vanilla bean in it. Unlike, Lik, it did not melt as fast so that was much appreciated. The ice cream was also not as sweet as Lik. It encompassed all the flavours of creme brule and the sugary crust gave it some extra sweetness and crunchy bits.

My friend opted for the Avocado ice cream. I’ve never tried avocado ice cream before nor would I think of ordering it for myself since I would go for something sweeter. The version here has small bits of avocado dispersed throughout the smooth ice cream. Avocado is a mild flavour and the ice cream did taste very mild as well.

Besides the novelty of the torched creme brule flavour, I don’t think the ice cream was all that spectacular and most importantly, worth the price. So far my new favourite ice cream place is still Tangram Creamery.

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