Mui Garden-Cheap Lunch Still Exists

We were going for lunch for my mom’s birthday and she was craving Mui Garden so we went to the Main Street location. It looks a bit dated inside but has that HK style diner feel to it. There are booth seats on one side of the restaurant and regular tables on the other side and some larger tables at the back.

Mui Garden

Their lunch menu is really cheap and fairly extensive! I think their prices haven’t increased in the last few years? Everything is less than $10 and some items are like $7.95. AND a hot or cold drink is included!

When you’re at Mui Garden, you have to get their Curry Beef Brisket on Rice! The waitress told us that they have two sizes for this and we opted for the bigger size ($10.50 vs. $9.50) so that we could share. The bigger size doesn’t come with a drink because it’s part of the regular menu and not the lunch menu. The curry came pretty fast because it’s already prepared. The beef brisket was super tender and melted in your mouth. It was really addicting and I can eat many bowls of rice with the curry sauce! The curry is HK style and not exactly spicy but it was rich and creamy.

Mui Garden

The next dish we shared was this Sambal Eggplant Yi Mein with pork (not sure if this is what it’s actually called). Yi mein is a flat Cantonese style egg noodle and I don’t eat it too often but the texture is soft and almost spongy? Although there wasn’t that much eggplant, it was perfectly cooked to the point where it’s tender but not mushy. The noodles soaked up the flavours really well and we also detected a bit of shrimp paste in this. My dad commented that this isn’t a dish you see all the time!

Mui Garden

Lastly, this was the HK Style Milk Tea that came with the noodles. I had a big sip before I took the picture. It was fairly standard but good.

The food was good old comfort food and very cheap for lunch! This entire meal cost just under $20 and fed three people (we’re not big eaters). If you’re on a tight budget this could be the place for you.

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