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Hello! I recently visited Sydney, Australia so I will be posting some of the delicious food I ate there along with some observations about their city compared to Vancouver. I haven’t really traveled all that much so lots of things are new and exciting to me haha

After walking around Sydney for a bit, I realized that there are so many Thai restaurants! It’s akin to how many sushi restaurants Vancouver has. One of the most popular Thai restaurants is Chat Thai. They have multiple locations, a testament to their popularity. I visited the one across from Capitol Square in what is known as Thai Town. I arrived at 6:30pm after watching Finding Dory and there was a huge line up. You put your name down on a list and take a number and wait to be called.

Chat Thai

After waiting 45 mins, we finally got a table! It was a communal table but we didn’t mind. 

Chat Thai

The first dish that arrived was the Emerald Duck which was a five spice marinated roast duck and it came with a myriad of vegetables in a dark soy sauce. I love duck but I thought that the soy sauce overpowered any five spice on the duck. It just tasted like your typical roast duck to me.

Chat Thai

The next dish we decided to try was the Stir Fried Wide Rice Noodles with Chicken, Chinese Kale in soy sauce and yellow bean gravy. We were feeling adventurous and didn’t want to order the usual pad thai. When the dish first came we weren’t even sure if it was the right one but the server assured us that it was. By the way, the first two dishes came five minutes after we ordered! Guess they need to be super efficient here.

Due to the yellow bean gravy, this dish was almost like a thick noodle soup and the gravy also had a touch of sweetness to it. There weren’t actually as many noodles as we thought there would be. They are actually all on the bottom so you can’t see them in the photo. In hindsight, this dish didn’t feel too special so I think I would’ve liked the pad thai more.

Chat Thai

The last dish, a Beef Curry, ended up being our favourite. I can’t actually find a description of the dish online…but I may have read on the menu that there is kefir in it? The curry was red and had a sour tang to it. It wasn’t thick but it was full of spices without actually being too spicy. The beef could’ve been more tender but it was passable.

Chat Thai

At this point we were already full, but with a seat next to the front counter full of delicious Thai sweets, we couldn’t say no to dessert. It seems like some people just walk in and order the Thai desserts to go.

The first dessert we tried was a Black Sticky Rice with Coconut Meat in a Coconut Cream Sauce. The coconut cream sauce was sweet and slightly salty at the same time. Surprisingly, the combo worked well! The pieces of coconut meat were also a sweet tasty treat in each bite. I haven’t eaten much coconut so the texture was interesting to me. I believe there was canned coconut as well as some real coconut meat on top. This is similar to the Chinese version of the dessert but better! I hope I can find something similar in Vancouver!

Chat Thai

Finally, the Sticky Rice with Mango was our last dish. The sticky rice had two flavours to it but I can’t say what they were. Maybe the green version was pandan flavoured? Whatever they were, I can assure you that they were both sweet and delicious. The rice was perfectly cooked but it was too bad that the mango was sour. Otherwise, the desserts made our tummies very happy!

If you’re visiting Chat Thai, be prepared to wait! I’m thinking about trying more Thai desserts already!

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