Bella Gelateria-Coal Harbour

It’s summer (finally!) and that means that I will be eating lots of ice cream! I can see the long line ups at Bella Gelateria from my office and it gets pretty tempting to go! Well ok I wouldn’t go with the long line ups because I’m impatient but I can check when they are short and then I’ll go. Also, by long line ups, I mean it wraps around the block…

Despite all their gelato awards, I did learn that there was a down side to their gelato.

Bella Gelateria

You need to decide how many scoops you want to get and pay for it first and then you will be allowed to sample and choose your flavours. They have some really exotic flavours like Mediterranean Thai Coconut or Toasted Pecan with Maldon Sea Salt (I didn’t end up trying either of those though). The line moves slowly because everyone wants to sample a few flavours and it’s pretty hard to decide because they’re all so good! You feel pressured to pick faster though so that other people aren’t kept waiting.

I tried the banana bread, lavender, black sesame and one more that I can’t remember right now. I ultimately went with the Black Sesame because I think it was the best black sesame I’ve ever had. I also splurged and got it in a cone even though it costs a bit more ($6.75).

The only down side is that it MELTED SUPER FAST. =( I snapped a quick photo and it was already starting to drip on me. Tt was very messy to eat and I got some on my clothes too. It was not a particularly hot day and yes I know ice cream melts but this melted way too fast for me to enjoy eating it. I like to slowly lick my ice cream and walk around and ice cream that melts too fast is probably one of my pet peeves. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait too long for this or I’d feel like the time spent waiting vs time spent eating would not be worth it. One solution would be to get it in a cup next time. I remember the first time I went to Bella Gelateria, I felt the same way as well but I decided it was time for a re-visit. I do believe the flavours are worth trying though!

If you’re looking for another new ice cream place to try, check out Tangram Creamery!
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