Big Chef Restaurant

I visited Big Chef Restaurant three years ago with my family and I was here again for another family dinner. My aunt likes this place so she suggested we come here and she picked all the food. Big Chef also does hot pot but we were here just for their regular menu items. They are located in Venezia Plaza on Alexandra Road (downstairs of where Deer Garden is).

Big Chef Restaurant

First we have the Salt Baked Chicken. Every bite had salty flavour and the chicken wasn’t dry but it wasn’t silky either. I don’t think it’s suppose to be though since it’s baked?

Big Chef Restaurant

For the soup we had Shrimp and Fish Maw Soup. I assume it was shrimp and fish maw because there were quite a few large pieces of shrimp in here so I was pretty impressed! Usually it’s crab meat and fish maw soup. There were also chunks of pig skin in here as well that could’ve been cooked more so that they were less chewy. Big Chef Restaurant

This was a Stir Fried Black Pepper Beef with Lotus Root and Peppers. The tender beef cubes were slightly spicy from the black pepper and there were lots of crunchy lotus root chunks. Big Chef Restaurant

The Deep Fried Salted Pork Chop came with fried garlic and jalapeno on top. Each piece was on the thin side but crispy and enjoyable. Big Chef Restaurant

The Black Bean Spareribs with Kobocha was surprisingly tasty. The spareribs had that tender toothsome texture and the sauce went very well with rice. The kobocha was perfectly cooked and also tasted good with the black bean sauce too. The sauce itself was a tad thick though but that’s fine with me.  Big Chef Restaurant

This was Sweet and Sour Chicken with Pineapple, Peppers and Pickled Ginger. I loved sweet and sour dishes but I don’t usually get it with chicken. It actually tasted pretty good though and the chicken was very moist!

Big Chef Restaurant

For dessert we had Almond Soup with Egg. I almost never see restaurants make this so I haven’t had it much! It was a refreshing change and there was a lot of almond extract so you could really smell the almond essence but it didn’t taste like it was overdone either.

I think I enjoyed this visit more so than my first visit a few years ago. Maybe it was the different dishes we tried. However, it is a pain to find parking here. There are three reserved spots for the restaurant in the plaza and that’s it.

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