Popbar-Gelato on a Stick

Popbar opened a few months ago and has taken over the spot where Beard Papa’s used to be, next to Superstore in Metrotown. I must say that I was not initially too excited about the concept, I mean I love ice cream/gelato and cold confections but for some reason, it didn’t seem to have the “wow” factor?


I saw on Facebook that they had a promotion where if you liked their page you get 30% off so that’s what prompted my visit. Or should I say, I “popped” in? ;) The promotion ended on July 31st but maybe they’ll have more in the future.

Popbar offers sorbetto, gelato and yogurt pops made fresh daily. The products are all natural and preservative free. It costs $0.50 for unlimited dippings and another $0.50 for unlimited “poppings”. After surveying all the options, I decided to go with the Matcha gelato.


For the dips, you have a choice of white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate. The server asked if I would like some white chocolate drizzle so I said sure since I didn’t know that was an option. On the sides I got the dark chocolate dip with waffle cone pieces. The gelato was cold enough so that the chocolate hardened right away once it touched the gelato. Other toppings available are coconut, hazelnut, pistachio, sprinkles and a few more.

The gelato had a nice matcha flavour but it wasn’t too strong. I liked the waffle cone pieces since they were sweet and crunchy. Half way through eating the bar the end near the stick starts to melt so you’ll have to turn it sideways and hold a tissue underneath to catch all the drips and falling toppings. Not a huge problem but you probably shouldn’t walk and eat? I think this doesn’t happen at Purdy’s because they dunk the whole thing in, including the stick end. Can’t say for sure because I haven’t been there in ages…


My brother had the Irish Coffee with white chocolate dip and also waffle cone pieces. The coffee flavour was on the sweet side and I liked my matcha more. They have a tray to put the bar on while you dig out your wallet to pay so you don’t need to juggle holding it and trying to pay at the same time. My brother isn’t too big on sweets so I ended up eating half of his as well. Not that I really minded haha

I felt that this was really similar to a Purdy’s ice cream bar but Popbar has more flavours and toppings to choose from. I guess that’s the only other similar product around here that I can compare it to. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t too special either to me but it’s good to have more dessert options in Metrotown.
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