Spaghetei Revisit-Second Time’s the Charm

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Spaghetei invited me back again this summer to try their menu again. No the menu has not changed but I only tried two of the pasta dishes last time so it was a great opportunity to try a few more.


This time my dining companions were Foodgressing, Nosh and Nibble, The Happy Sloths and Miss Vancouver Piggy.


First up we have their Pesto Garlic Toast. It tasted slightly sweet and mildly garlicky. It was served warm and perfectly toasted. Spaghetei

For our appy, we had the Stir Fried Scallops and Mushrooms with Garlic Butter. These were deliciously rich, buttery and smooth. The best way to eat veggies is with butter right?Spaghetei

Next we had the Regular Size of the Mushroom Salad. It has iceberg lettuce, broccoli, radish, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, and mushrooms. I don’t see peas in salads a lot! They also serve this with a bottle of house dressing on the side. You can use as much as you want! We ate this last…

The Chicken Peperoncino comes with crispy grilled chicken on top of pasta with broccoli and asparagus. The grilled chicken was moist and well seasoned and the pasta was dressed with a thin buttery sauce. It looks like they used chicken thighs.

The Clam Soup Spaghetti had clams, bacon and some veggies in a large bowl of clam soup! This sounds great on a cold day but we enjoyed it a lot on a warm day as well! The soup was not thick like a chowder but it was still very creamy and delicious! I also like how there’s bacon in this. Spaghetei

This was the White Sauce with shrimp, bacon and mushrooms in their original white sauce. This was really good and one of my fave dishes! I just liked how creamy, rich and buttery it was and there was notable bacon flavour. It was also more similar to a traditional spaghetti dish. Spaghetei

I really wanted to try the Double Meat Sauce which comes with their signature meat sauce, sliced beef and diced boiled egg on top. At first, I thought the boiled egg was cheese but after you mix it all up you don’t really notice it as much. If you like meat sauce, this is pretty addicting despite sounding really basic. Spagehtei

Their Barayaki is one of their most famous dishes and won some sort of competition. It’s the traditional food of Aomori, Japan, where Spaghetei originates. The dish comes with pan fried beef and onion with Barayaki sauce which is similar to Teriyaki sauce. It has the same sort of sweetness to it. This was not bad but could’ve used some more sauce.


Lastly, Spaghetei is also known for their Mentaiko spaghetti with mentaiko, shrimp and seaweed on top. Like my last visit, I’m not really a fan of this but other people seem to be. It just needs more sauce in my opinion but the mentaiko does make it flavourful enough and not too fishy. I just like sauce. Spaghetei

We still had room for dessert after so we had the Powder Snow Milk with Red Bean and Matcha. The powder snow was very fluffy and light! You’ll definitely still have room for this after dinner. I wish they could combine the matcha and red bean into one bowl though! Then it’d be perfect. This is made with shaved frozen milk so it has a milky flavour to it already.

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