Sydney Eats: Matcha Mochi Pancakes at Passion Tree

Passion Tree is located in Chatswood and it’s like a big shopping mall/shopping area on the North Shore of Sydney. I must say their shopping malls are really nice!!! There are also a lot of small cafes in the middle of the mall for people to eat at while shopping. They seemed like nice cafes, not like Starbucks or something. Also, I noticed that some places even show how many kilojoules/calories are in each food item!

Passion Tree

Some of the lovely desserts on display!Passion Tree

Uhh not sure what happened with the lighting here… but after seeing the Matcha Mochi Pancake Stack (AUD $14.50) on Instagram I was dead set on getting it but the other desserts looked delicious as well!Passion Tree

There is more seating on the other side of the cafe.

Passion Tree

After a short wait, the beautiful Matcha Mochi Pancake Stack arrived!!!

There were three pancakes in a lake of green tea syrup and in between each pancake was a layer of sweet red bean. On top of the pancakes were someΒ mochi pieces as well as matcha ice cream and a matcha cone! The cone had more mini white chocolate balls inside. Each bite of pancake was soft and slightly spongey/chewy! If you’re looking for a sweet treat look no further!

After the first few bites though, it got waaay too sweet. The green tea syrup was very sweet as well as the red bean and the white chocolate balls. The pancakes were drenched so maybe they could offer to put the syrup on the side so that people can pour it on themselves? It was just a little too much to be honest. However, I still inhaled every bite because I was like YOLO I’m in Australia!!!

I would totally come back to try other desserts though!

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