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As a Vancouverite, I’m used to seeing Asians everywhere but I was surprised that there was such a large Asian population in Sydney too! There are possibly even MORE Asians there. I also noticed that they have a lot more bubble tea shops in their “downtown” area, known as Central. Like how we have a Starbucks on every block here. With that being said, I was happy to find that there were a lot of Asian food options!

Ramen Zundo

I was researching where to get ramen and I found that Ramen Zundo had good reviews. It is located in World Square Centre and there is a little “alley” inside the mall with small eateries! By the way, I must say that the mall layouts in Sydney are really cool! They all have small cafes/restaurants inside with their own seating areas making it super convenient! Here at Ramen Zundo, you order at the counter and they will give you a number and bring the food over.

Ramen Zundo

I had the Light Zundo Black which has baked garlic oil and two pieces of cha-shu. On the menu you can choose between the Light Zundo or the Rich Zundo. The difference being that the Light Zundo is a combination of chicken broth and pork broth while the rich zundo is just pork broth only, making it richer.

The soup wasn’t too thick but it was full of flavour and rich enough for me! The noodles are thin but not too thin and cooked to a chewy consistency. The egg could’ve been more marinated but it was passable. As for the pork, it was like a strip of bacon with fat on one side and lean meat on the other side but when eaten together it was soft and melted in your mouth.  Might be a little too fatty though. However, I think this is one of the best ramens I’ve had lately!

Ramen Zundo

It looks like I didn’t take a picture of the Tsukemen Black with baked garlic and Zundo black sauce but you can see it in the back here. The Tsukemen comes with thick, chewy cold noodles accompanied by a hot broth for dipping the noodles in. I’ve only had Tsukemen once before so I’m not an expert but I noticed that the broth was not super thick and it came with bits of veggie and meat in the broth. It was incredibly savoury and delicious though and with strong black garlic flavour! The noodles picture here are the large size for +$1.

Ramen Zundo

You can also choose to add a small donburi to your ramen and this is the Salmon Sashimi Donburi. It looks big in the photo but it’s actually a small bowl. I didn’t try it though.

Ramen Zundo did not disappoint and the ramen is on par with what we have in Vancouver! We came just before the lunch rush but turnover seems quick.

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