Baker’s Krate-Subscription Dessert Box Review

My friend kindly sent me the Baker’s Krate box last month for my birthday and boy was I excited to receive it! To be fair, it was sitting at the post office for a few days before I went to pick it up because I missed it at my house…

Baker's Krate

Baker’s Krate selects different hand-crafted baked goods from all across Canada to ship to you every month. Sounds delicious already right? The treats they selected for August were right up my alley!

Baker's Krate

This is what the box looks like inside. Each treat is protected with some foam wrap but I removed it for the photo.

Baker's Krate

There is a piece of paper included which describes what each treat is and also provides an expiry date. Furthermore, it includes what bakery the treat came from and where it’s located. These were all from different bakeries in Manitoba. Baker's Krate

There is also an ingredient list included in case you have any allergies.

Baker's Krate
Top left to right: Taro cookie sandwich, matcha brownies, matcha oreo bite, apricot amaretto chew

I really wanted to eat them right away but I had to do my job and take some pictures first. 

Baker's Krate

The first item I wanted to try were the Matcha Brownies. The exterior was slightly crumbly in texture but the inside was still soft and cookie-like. I wouldn’t say that it had a brownie texture though but that could’ve been because I didn’t eat them fresh? There was a good matcha flavour to it.

Baker's Krate

This was the Matcha Oreo Bite and it looked like a cake pop and I thought it would be cake-like inside but it wasn’t. It was basically a piece of matcha white chocolate with some marshmallow pieces inside and topped with chocolate and almond slivers. This was too sweet even for me. Good thing they’re small!

Baker's Krate

This was the Taro Cookie Sandwich which has two vanilla taro cookies sandwiched with taro buttercream in between. Baker's KrateThe taro flavour wasn’t too strong but I was impressed that the cookie parts were still very soft and yummy considering that it was probably made at least a week before I consumed it. I don’t think there’s anywhere in Vancouver that sells this so someone should start making it!
Baker's Krate

Finally, the last treat I tried was the Apricot Amaretto Chew. This was a great cookie and it wasn’t as soft as the taro cookies so it did have a bit of chew to it. I loved the dried apricot pieces in this and the cookie smelled good too from the amaretto liqueur used.

I wish I could’ve tried these when they were all fresh! However, I still thought the quality was good although the treats were all quite sweet. I would recommend this as a gift! It’s hard to complain about free baked goods delivered to your door! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before.

For more information, please visit the Baker’s Krate website. You can get a monthly plan ($19.99/month), a 3 month plan ($18.99/month) or a 6 month plan ($17.99/month). Shipping anywhere across Canada is $9.99.


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