Candy Tree Dessert-Shaved Ice, Durian Waffles and More!

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

I was invited to another Chinese Bites event and this time we hit up Candy Tree Dessert. They are located on Kingsway near Patterson and close to the Patterson skytrain station. I knew they would offer similar desserts to Icy Bar so I was ready to embrace everything! My dessert stomach is always ready.

We were separated into 3 different tables and each table ordered their own items but I still took pictures of stuff from other tables. This place is pretty small so it’s probably best for small groups since the waits are going to be really long.

Candy Tree Dessert

On the left we have the Durian Milkshake and on the right we have the Ferrero Rocher Milkshake. Heard good things about both!Candy Tree Dessert

On the left we have the Matcha Bubble Waffle with Red Bean and Ice Cream which I didn’t try and on the right we have the S’Mores Thick Toast. This was really yummy! I loved the soft fluffy bread spread with Nutella and it went well with the texture of the melted marshmallow!
Candy Tree Dessert

Next we have the HK Style French Toast with Ice Cream. I think the only time I’ve had HK style French toast was at Deer Garden and it wasn’t great so I was pleasantly surprised that this was bomb! The thick fluffy bread is dipped in egg and fried to a golden brown. The inside is soft while the outside is a bit crisp. So good with ice cream!

Candy Tree Dessert

This was the Ginger Tea with Crystal Matcha and Purple Yam Dumplings (or tong yuen). They are not kidding about the ginger part it was very strong! You can choose to have matcha or purple yam or a mix of both and it comes with 6 pieces. The texture was really interesting, very mochi like on the outside while the filling was smooth and flavoured as described.
Candy Tree DessertThe Mango Pancake came with ice cream drizzled in mango sauce and each pancake had a surprisingly large piece of mango inside! Usually it’s full of whipped cream and chopped up mango but this had mostly mango! It was fresh and sweet and you won’t leave feeling ripped off.
Candy Tree Dessert

Our table wasn’t a fan of durian but one person was so she had to get the Durian Waffle Tower. It comes with a durian based cream spread on each waffle and it was REALLY STRONG. I’m not a fan of durian but I tried this anyway and it wasn’t for me…When we removed the waffle cone, it turns out that there were small marshamallows on top of the scoop of ice cream. Candy Tree Dessert

The Mixed Fruit Waffle comes with mixed seasonal fruit, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and ice cream. Considering that this costs more than the other types of waffles, I thought they could’ve given us some more fruit. I found the waffle to be on the eggy side but I think they were going for a chewy texture which they did achieve. Also I ate this when it wasn’t hot anymore because we spent so long taking pictures of it so not sure if that affected the texture. It was a bit dry to me as well. Maybe they should put the ice cream on top?

Candy Tree Dessert

The cross section of the waffle.
Candy Tree Dessert

You can’t have Asian desserts and not order shaved ice! At Candy Tree Dessert, they offer flavoured shaved ice unlike at Icy Bar where it’s literally just ice. Here we have the Taro Shaved Ice with strawberry, mochi, glutinous black rice and ice cream.

You can choose 3 toppings for $9.50 and additional toppings cost $1 while ice cream costs $2 so it is a bit more expensive here. The portion size was good and they were generous with the toppings. By the way this wasn’t for our table so I didn’t try it.
Candy Tree Dessert

The other shaved ice we ordered was the Matcha Shaved Ice with red bean, grass jelly, Rainbow konjaku and ice cream. Rainbow konjaku is just coloured jelly. The matcha flavour was very evident and the shaved ice was really light and thinly shaved. I believe it was also drizzled with some condensed milk to sweeten it.
Candy Tree Dessert

Lastly, we had this special Coconut Jelly dessert that’s made inside a coconut! So there is one layer made with the juice from the coconut and coconut milk and the next layer is made with the coconut juice and…okay I don’t remember now but the first layer has a creamy taste and thicker texture while the other layer is more like a coconut jelly. Only a few are made each day.

It’s also very jiggly so when I was scooping this out some of the jelly bounced off the spoon and onto the table because I was trying to get a big scoop out. Oops!

I liked everything I tried and I would recommend a visit to Candy Tree Dessert! If you’re a fan of Icy Bar then I’m sure you’ll love this place!

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