Konbiniya Japan Centre-Onigiri Options

While wandering down Robson on my lunch break, I walked into Konbiniya Japan Centre which is a Japanese convenience store that sells lots of Japanese snacks! They also make crepes and are well known for their matcha soft serve.

Konbiniya Japan Centre

I never noticed this before, but Konbiniya also has a fridge with an array of onigiri!  Konbiniya Japan Centre

So many options! These are $1.98 each or 2 for $3.80. Flavours include teriyaki salmon, spicy mayo chicken, chashu pork etc. Konbiniya Japan Centre

There are some lunch bowls/sets available as well.

Konbiniya Japan Centre

I have to admit I had a lot of trouble opening the package. I followed the instructions but the plastic wrap was hard to pull off. Maybe it was just me… it was a bit embarrassing struggling with it at the store.

I picked the Spicy Salmon and it had a very crispy seaweed wrap filled with chewy sushi rice inside. Surprisingly the rice wasn’t hard considering it was in a cold fridge for so long. It had just enough filling and made for a delicious snack! The salmon also wasn’t that spicy.
Konbiniya Japan Centre

I brought the other one back to my office and it was the Tuna Mayo and Kimchi. I still had trouble opening this on the second try. Any advice?!

This was also tasty and I can’t decide which one I liked more! I was expecting a bit more kimchi though.

Konbiniya Japan CentreThey also have Temaki which are hand rolls with similar types of filling but it’s a larger portion.

I would pick up more onigiri for lunch again!


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