Stormcrow Alehouse-Impressive Ambiance, Sub-par Brunch

My friends and I gathered at Stormcrow Alehouse for brunch because we wanted to play board games. They are located on Broadway and Fir St., next to Earl’s.

Stormcrow AlehouseWe had passed by before and thought that we should return. It was really bumpin’ at night! This place looks cool inside and they put in a lot of effort to include fantasy themed decorations!

Stormcrow Alehouse

Sadly brunch was terrible and only one item was good.

Stormcrow Alehouse

The walls had lots of framed photos and artifacts from different TV shows and movies. Stormcrow Alehouse

We tried to play Games of Thrones edition of Clue but it was rather confusing to set up. I actually don’t play many boardgames because I don’t have the patience to sit and learn how to play each one. Also, sometimes they just take hours. However, if it’s simple enough that motivates me to learn how to play. Stormcrow Alehouse

Despite all the excitement over the games, we still had to make room on the table for food. The menu had interesting names for all the food but sadly the food itself was lacking.

This was the Storm Burger with a 6oz beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo with sundried tomato aioli on a Portuguese bun. It was so basic looking and overall just wasn’t as appetizing as it sounded on the menu. I didn’t bother trying it and the fries were also plain and not fried properly. They weren’t crispy or fluffy inside. We ate them anyway though because they were still fries. Pretty disappointing though.

Stormcrow Alehouse

The Benedicts Cumberbatch was their version of eggs benedict with Canadian back bacon, hash browns and a side of fruit. The hash browns were slightly better than the fries but it still wasn’t crisp enough on the outside. The benedicts was meh. Stormcrow Alehouse

The Innsmouth Style Fish and Chips didn’t even look like fish and chips!? It was suppose to be beer battered cod with tartar sauce. It was so plain and dry and unseasoned and didn’t even seem hot and fresh. Probably the saddest looking fish and chips I’ve ever seen…

Stormcrow Alehouse

The Ghost Rider Hell Fire Omelette consisted of veggie chili, aged white cheddar, house made kimchi, chipotle crema and avocado. Based on the name it sounded like it’d be spicy but it wasn’t really spicy. Also, don’t expect Korean kimchi I don’t know what kind of kimchi they were going for but it was a little weird. The flavours just didn’t go well together for this dish.

Stormcrow Alehouse

The BEST item that we had was the Stuffed Banana Bread French Toast served with bacon, whipped cream and a side of fruit. It’s stuffed with Nutella cream cheese and dipped in sweet egg batter and drizzled with chocolate sauce too. These were two very thick glorious pieces of banana bread! It was a nice sweet treat and it’s basically dessert. At least they didn’t screw this one up.

Stormcrow Alehouse

There was a Game of Thrones pinball machine! I love Game of Thrones!

Okay so Stormcrow Alehouse has stellar decorations and the boardgames are great but the brunch is bad. I hope dinner is a lot better since they seem to have decent reviews and they seem really busy at night. Or you just come here to drink and play games. Either way just don’t bother with brunch.

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    • Naomi says:

      yeah or they’re more about the beer and drinks. I feel the same about Pizzeria Ludica. They have tons of games but the food wasn’t that great

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