Sydney Eats: Black Star Pastry’s Famous Watermelon Cake

I was not planning to go to Black Star Pastry at the beginning of my trip but I happened upon one of their newer locations in a Japanese bookstore called Kinokuniya in The Galeries (a shopping centre). The watermelon cake is their most popular item and it’s gorgeous! Perfect for Instagram photos. ;)

Black Star Pastry

Black Star Pastry is located right at the entrance of the bookstore. The bookstore is massive and sells tons of cool stuff akin to Chapters here. For example, they were selling the gold crown thing that Sailor Moon has on her forehead and I got kinda giddy over it. 

Black Star Pastry

See what I mean? Those purple edible flower petals just look so pretty with the red from the strawberries! What was really amazing about this Pistachio Strawberry Watermelon Cake was that it was not just watermelon flavoured but there was an actual slice of watermelon as one of the cake layers!!! How cool is that?! With that being said, the juicy sweet watermelon went well with the other cake and cream layers somehow. Every bite was just naturally sweet and juicy!!! It was just highly refreshing!

Black Star Pastry

The Raspberry and Lychee cake was also gorgeous but it was AUD $10 (compared to $7.50 for the watermelon cake) and I didn’t feel like forking out that much.

The seating area is pretty small so a lot of people do take out. From what I can tell, the selection here is much smaller than their other locations. Highly recommend trying the watermelon cake!

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