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While shopping in the CBD, I came across Fujipan and I loved baked goods so I popped in to check it out. Super happy that I did because there were so many delicious Asian buns in there! Fujipan is located close to World Square Centre.


Look how cute this is! Who can resist Totoro?! Someone needs to bring this to Vancouver. They would be insta-famous. 


There’s an actual takoyaki ball inside the bun which looks like a giant takoyaki!


The Totoro bun is filled with custard inside with a crisp almost cookie-like dough over it’s tummy. It was good!!! Each bun is packaged individually in a thin plastic bag.

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Pretty similar right?


Next we have my favourite Matcha Red Bean bun. There’s an insane amount of sweet red bean paste inside!!! I was really surprised and it was so good! Do we have this in Vancouver?! I don’t think I can live without Asian buns.


The Taro bun had a similar purple cookie-like crust on the outside. The crust part doesn’t taste like much though.


The bottom side looks like a regular bun but it has taro filling inside.


This was the Matcha Melonpan. Melonpan is a popular sweet bun from Japan. Sort of similar to a Chinese pineapple bun but the crust on top is a lot firmer and doesn’t crumble everywhere as much. This did not have any filling. I believe there was also a regular version and a chocolate version.

Fujipan also serves matcha soft serve as well! So many delicious buns for $3 or less! You should check it out if you like Asian bakeries.

Fujipan Japanese Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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