Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant

Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant has taken over the spot where South Ocean used to be. I remember I used to go to South Ocean quite a bit when I was younger. The restaurant has been re-decorated to give it a more high end feel.

Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant

First off, we had the Pan Fried Rice Rolls.Β We found the portion to be smaller in comparison with some other restaurants but the taste and texture was good.Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant

Next we had the SteamedΒ Beef Omasum.Β This was fairly standard with a bouncy chewy texture.Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant

We had the Shrimp with Spinach and Pine Nuts Dumplings as well as the Steamed Crab Meat Dumplings. Each came with three pieces and the wrapper wasn’t too thick and gummy and the filling was delicious! I liked the addition of pine nuts as I don’t think I’ve seen that before. There wasn’t a lot of crab meat in the other dumpling but it was a nice change from the usual dumplings you would get.
Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant

For the Siu Mai, Dragon Group offers theirs with Truffle. The truffle actually doesn’t make it look very appetizing. It also seemed a bit slimy but the flavour was strong. I’ve never had this anywhere else either so maybe I’m not used to it.Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant

Another dim sum fave of mine is Rice Rolls. This time we had it with BBQ Pork inside. My parents found it to be on the salty side.Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant

The Egg Tarts actually came last! Usually they’re one of the first items to come (not that I mind) so that was surprising. The egg tart shells were butter and flaky and the custard part was sweet and smooth.

Overall I thought Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant was pretty good but the prices are higher in comparison with South Ocean but understandably, I wasn’t expecting the same prices. I like that it looks more inviting now compared to before. We confirmed with the server that they’re not affiliated with Dragon View Restaurant in Continental Centre.

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