El Dorado Pie & Treats-Lonsdale Quay

I hardly ever go to North Van or Lonsdale Quay so I couldn’t quite remember what they had in the food court there. I actually wanted to go to The Coffee Bun Bakery but they are closed on Sundays so I wandered around and El Dorado Pie & Treats caught my eye. It was either that or crepes. You know I have a sweet tooth!

El Dorado Pie & Treats El Dorado Pie & Treats

I originally wanted a slice of pie but that plan was foiled too because the only pie by the slice they had available was strawberry rhubarb and I wasn’t feeling it.

El Dorado Pie & Treats

Plan B or should I say C, was to get the Apple Empanada. It looked like portable apple pie and it was also cheaper than a slice of pie too. El Dorado Pie & Treats

This also didn’t work out for me as I found the dough to be really tasteless? I had it warmed up and the pastry part was soft and buttery but also floury and it just didn’t taste right. Like it tasted like there was butter in it but not in a good way. The sugar sprinkled on the outside didn’t help either. Furthermore, the filling was lacking in sweetness and did not taste like the apple pie that I had envisioned.

Not sure if this is what empanadas are suppose to be like since I don’t think I’ve had many but maybe stick with the pies here. I should’ve went with the crepes!

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  1. Pamela Y . G. says:

    Wow, you made an entire post talking about this place (including photos) just for a negative comment? You said you asked for an Apple Empanada instead of Fruit Pie, which is totally different (judging by the photo you posted) . I’m sure it tastes a thousand times better than an Apple turnover from a fast food (which is almost the same with different pastry, if you never try Empanadas before ). Well, maybe you need try from others places to compare those kind of food.

    A biggest sweet tooth as you!! ;)

    • Naomi says:

      Sorry I wasn’t trying to just make a negative comment…I do write entire posts about one item just for a positive comment as well. No I probably haven’t had an authentic empanada before and I meant it’s comparable to an apple pie like from McDonald’s and in this case McDonald’s would’ve tasted better. That’s the best comparison I can think of. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

  2. Karen Massier says:

    Wow you should try the more traditional meat empanadas! I have traveled a lot in South America and these are the best! The very best and not to be missed right here in North Vancouver. Too bad you are giving this place a bad wrap because if you knew anything about empanadas you would know that these are really good here!

    • Naomi says:

      Hi Karen, I’m not trying to give the whole place a bad rap. Sorry if it came across that way. I will be sure to try the meat empanadas sometime thanks for letting me know!

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