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Ramen Danbo opened up last year on W. 4th and opened another location on Robson as well. After watching Dr. Strange, my friends and I craved ramen on a cold rainy day so we headed over to their Robson location. It wasn’t too busy and after a quick wait, we were seated at the bar. The “bar” is actually a really low one instead of the high counter top kind that you usually think of when people say they’re sitting at the bar.

Ramen Danbo

Each wooden stool is actually hollow inside and there’s a lid that you can remove so that you can place your coat and bag inside since there is usually no where to put your belongings in many ramen shops. I thought that was super nifty!

Ramen Danbo

We were ordering around 7:30pm and they informed us that they had ran out of tonkatso ramen ‘miso’ already. I wasn’t going to order that but one of my friends was so it was a bit disappointing. For each type of ramen, you can have the normal version, the rekka version (where you can choose the level of spiciness) or the chashu-men version which comes with 6 pieces of chashu instead of the standard 2 pieces.

I had the Tonkatsu Ramen ‘Shio’ with thick noodles, normal firmness, standard broth, a little lard, and a standard amount of spicy. You can also add an egg for $1.50. The ramen pictured above is basically mine but I didn’t get the egg. I thought the broth was not rich and fatty enough since I only had a little lard instead of the standard or a lot. I was trying to make healthy choices but the result was a sub-part tasting broth. I also thought the noodles had a weird flavour to it and the normal firmness was already quite al-dente to me. For the standard amount of spicy, it was a barely detectable heat for me (and I like spicy things).

I think due to the lack of lard in my broth (which I chose), Ramen Danbo failed to wow me. Might have to give them another go in the future since I’ve heard great things about them!

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  1. Carmen says:

    Aww, that sucks! I don’t eat ramen often so I splurge on the fatty broth because it tastes soo much better. I just make sure not to drink all of it at the end!

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