Aberdeen Food Court-Leung Kee

I haven’t been to the Aberdeen food court in a long time and it’s as busy as ever! I was craving some Chinese comfort food because it’s bulking season and I have my eyes set on carbs!

Leung Kee-Aberdeen Food Court

This time I hit up Leung Kee which offers great HK style food for a great price! They offer all the classic HK style cafe dishes that you can think of. The line here was almost as long as Bubble Waffle Cafe.

Leung Kee-Aberdeen Food Court

I must remember that when in Richmond, bring cash! They have a great “Afternoon Tea” special where some items are $6.50 ALL DAY and include a hot drink as well! Not sure why it’s called afternoon tea when it’s available all day but I’m not arguing!
Leung Kee-Aberdeen Food Court

They will give you a number and once your food is ready, they will call you and also display the number on a TV screen. We opted for cold drinks which I think are $1 or $0.50 more? Leung Kee-Aberdeen Food Court

I had the Pan Fried Rice Rolls in Soya Sauce and let me tell you, THIS WAS BOMB. They give you so much sauce unlike at dim sum restaurants where you only get a small dish. They go all out here!!! I’m all about that Hoisin and peanut sauce! Honestly I can’t believe this was $6.50. The portion is enormous and it tastes great! I know it’s really basic and easy to make but it’s not like I can get this everywhere and without having dim sum! The HK style milk tea I had was delicious as well. Leung Kee-Aberdeen Food Court

The Sticky Rice was not as great though. I thought it lacked flavour. It was missing the flavour from the cured meats even though there was some cured meat along with some dried shrimp it just didn’t taste right. Also it was not pan fried, it was more like steamed so the texture was more wet than I would’ve liked. I would’ve preferred ordering fried rice instead. The iced lemon tea was standard.

Okay so we had one hit and one miss here but I think overall their food is pretty good. If you’re looking for cheap HK style food and large portions and fast food then Leung Kee is it. Check out the super extensive post I wrote last year where I tried EVERYTHING at the Aberdeen food court!

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