Joyeaux Cafe

I met up with a new friend at Joyeaux Cafe recently since it was the mid-point between our offices. They had good reviews so I had high expectations for them. Sadly they weren’t met, especially after my great experience at Red Pagoda.

Joyeaux Cafe

The interior was a bit dark and the decor was dated but the high ceilings made it feel extra spacious. The walls are covered with photos of the menu items and the menu is extensive and consists of the usual pho, vermicelli and rice options as well as breakfast options, lunch specials and vegetarian specials. 

You order at the counter and then they give you a tray and a number and they’ll bring the food to your table once it’s ready. We went around 1pm and it wasn’t too hard to find a table but I would say there was a steady stream of customers.

Joyeaux Cafe

My friend has been here on numerous occasions and had the Chicken Banh Mi this time. She’s not a fan of spicy food and she found something really spicy in her sandwich and when she tried to get them to re-make it they said that it was suppose to be like that. However, she said that she’s had it before and it wasn’t spicy… It was our first time meeting so I didn’t try her food. Joyeaux Cafe

For myself, I had the Lemongrass Chicken on rice. I found the chicken to be on the dry side and it really didn’t have much flavour. Compared to the version I had at Red Pagoda earlier that month, the version from Joyeaux Cafe left a lot to be desired.

Perhaps their pho is better and they were just having an off day?

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