Peaked Pies-Whistler

Recently I went to Whistler for our company Christmas party and one of the places I wanted to try was Peaked Pies. Whenever I see people on Instagram visiting Whistler, they always seem to drop by Peaked Pies!

Peaked Pies

The shop is rather small and only seats about 10 people or so. They offer Australian-style meat pies in flavours such as the traditional Aussie, beef curry, and butter chicken. Each pie is about $7-8 and is like a small meal or really big snack.

Peaked Pies

We were pressed for time so I quickly decided on the Steak, Bacon and Cheese Pie. I had it “peaked” with mashed potatoes, mushy peas and gravy for an additional $3.25. The pies are served quickly since they’re pre-made already.

Peaked Pies

I’m so glad this lived up to the hype! The pie crust was the perfect balance between buttery and flaky but still held together very well. Each bite of steak and bacon was tender and it went so well with the gravy! The mashed potatoes were thick and creamy and for my second time having mushy peas, it was a lot better than my first time! The peas still tasted like peas at least and the gravy really helped pull everything together.

Peaked Pies The other pie we ordered was The Hopper. This had real Kangaroo meat, sage, thyme and Cabernet Merlot balsamic reduction. The kangaroo was ground up and the seasoning was an unexpectedly wonderful combination. I kept eating more to try and figure out how they worked together! Needless to say, I savoured every bite.

Both pies were top notch and I can’t decide which one I liked better! Give Peaked Pies a try for a way to warm up on a snowy winter day! I wish I had more time to stay and try more food in Whistler. What’s your favourite place to eat in Whistler?

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