Sushi Aria-2nd Chance

I first reviewed Sushi Aria at the beginning of the year when they first opened and I wasn’t particularly impressed. Now that it’s been about a year, I gave them another go and it was a much better experience.
Sushi Aria

First we started off with some Salmon Sashimi. Fresh and not mushy. Sushi Aria

The Tuna Tataki came on a bed of salad and the plating was really nice. The pieces of tuna tataki were small but the dish wasn’t that expensive so it makes sense.Sushi Aria

Next we have one of their special rolls, the Rock N’ Roll with deep fried chopped scallop, prawn, tempura, avo, crispy flakes and special sauce. It was visually appealing and I was excited to find out what was underneath because I couldn’t remember the description.

Sushi Aria

Underneath the mountain of crispy flakes, you have some chopped up fried scallop and prawn on top of the roll. I enjoyed this one and loved all the crispy bits too.
Sushi Aria

The Alaska roll was pretty standard.

Sushi Aria

I wanted Chicken Kaarage and was hoping for something similar to the one from Guu but sadly I was disappointed with Sushi Aria’s version. It was more like American style fried chicken or similar to something that I can get frozen and bake at home. The dish was also lacking in sauce. It would be better if the sauce was served on the side because there wasn’t enough for each piece. The chicken wasn’t exactly dry but it wasn’t moist and juicy either. The batter wasn’t appealing and I would pass on this next time. Sushi Aria
On the left we have the Deep Fried California roll which came with 10 pieces and the menu says it comes with 8 but I’m not complaining! It was also nicely plated which was an unexpected surprise. Usually it doesn’t look that appetizing when I’ve had it at other restaurants. Unless it’s NOT the deep fried California roll and I can’t remember what it was because it sure looks fancy!

On the right, we have the Red roll which consists of chopped scallop and spicy tuna. I get this a lot whenever I have sushi and this version was pretty good. I feel like compared to the last time I was here, the rolls look better (e.g. not falling apart).
Sushi AriaLastly, we had the Prawn and Sweet Potato Tempura. The sweet potato ended up being just regular potato though? Not sure what happened there… However the pieces of potato were very big!

There were still some hits and misses but I feel like Sushi Aria has improved since my first visit and it’s very reasonably priced and convenient for me. Our water/tea was always being refilled as well. Also, they don’t seem very busy and you probably won’t need to line up! That could also mean that business could be better but hopefully they’ll stick around.

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