The Breakfast Table

The Breakfast Table is situated on Broadway and Granville, across from McDonald’s. They specialize in all day breakfast/brunch with an Asian twist. The Breakfast Table

The inside is painted a robin’s egg blue and there’s a moderate amount of seating. When I went in November, it wasn’t too busy yet around lunch time and there was just a short wait. They can call you or text you when your table is ready so we just went over to Chapters to browse around first.

The menu features various hashes (is this a word?) with different proteins such as fried chicken, beef bulgogi and smoked cosalmon along with more classic dishes like the classic benedict, waffles and French toast.

The Breakfast Table

The Chicken Kaarage Hash comes with two eggs, green onion, sesame seeds, and Korean sweet chili sauce. You can choose how you want your eggs cooked as well. The chicken kaarage tasted like Taiwanese chicken nuggets! It featured the same crispy coating on the outside but in this case, it was also drizzled with the Korean chili sauce. Each piece was moist and juicy! The hash part consisted of a variety of vegetables including potatoes, tomatoes and broccoli. I thought the potatoes could’ve been more crispy and seasoned further but otherwise the accompanying veggies made the dish feel healthier. The server asked if we would like some ketchup and we said yes so she brought it over in a small side dish and we used it for the potatoes. The Breakfast Table

The Coffee Crusted Pork Belly Hash consisted of pork belly crusted in milano bourbon coffee and it came with two eggs (which I requested to be poached instead of sunny side up), vegetables and potatoes. I wasn’t sure what to expect for the coffee crusted pork belly and I was hoping it wouldn’t be too bitter. FYI I do drink coffee. To me, the coffee wasn’t too strong but you can definitely taste it. The texture was grainy but it provided an interesting contrast to the fatty pork belly. If you don’t like coffee I can imagine that you probably won’t enjoy this dish as much. The eggs were perfectly poached to medium as requested.

I’ve never had a green tomato before so I wasn’t sure what I was eating at first and then I realized it was probably a green tomato. It was warm but very firm still so I think it could’ve been cooked a bit more.
The Breakfast Table

The pork belly itself was what can only be described as fatty goodness. Look at all those layers! I felt so guilty for eating this but each greasy bite was so soft and delicious. TREAT YO’ SELF!  It did taste a little too salty towards the end though.

My friend and I enjoyed catching up over brunch at The Breakfast Table and there are plenty of other tasty brunch items I would like to try. For example, the bulgogi hash or the smoked salmon hash or the breakfast poutine! Pricing is also reasonable as well (except half an avocado costs $4…).

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