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Ajisai Sushi Bar has consistently topped lists of best sushi restaurants in Vancouver and finally I made it here to try it! I went super early right after they opened at 5pm so there was no line up. They are located right around the corner from London Drugs in Kerrisdale.


We started off with Ramune, a Japanese soda. If you’ve never had this before, it will be an interesting experience opening the bottle. There’s a marble at the top of the opening that you have to push down with a plastic fixture on the lid before you are able to drink from the bottle. FYI the small tea pot thing in the back is actually for soy sauce.


The first dish that arrived was Combo C which came with 14 pieces of nigiri. You get 2 pieces each of red tuna, tuna, salmon, tobiko, hamachi, chopped scallop and ebi. We also ordered a Negitoro roll which also came on the same platter. Everything was very fresh tasting and the fish to rice ratio was great! You don’t even need soy sauce for this. The fish had buttery smooth textures and was the star of the show. This was also the best negitoro roll that I’ve ever had!


Shortly afterwards, we received the Chirashi Don. The presentation was really nice and there was a mix of ebi, tuna, salmon, octopus, tamago, and hokkigai.

I also really wanted the Unagi Battera because I loved unagi and haven’t tried it in the boxed/pressed sushi format yet. The unagi was good and I always enjoy it but there might’ve been a bit too much rice here. I don’t think it was particularly special so I wouldn’t get it again.

At this point, we were both quite full and I actually asked for the bill and then we received the last dish, the Gindara (grilled sablefish). I’ve actually never forgotten something that I’ve ordered before! The fish was buttery and smooth as expected with a¬†crispy skin. It tasted very natural and not much seasoning was needed.

Ajisai is on the higher end of the price range but it’s definitely worth the splurge. I’m so glad I finally tried it!

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