New Year’s Dim Sum at Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine

My family decided to go for dim sum on the day after New Year’s which was also a stat holiday. The first place we tried was Parklane Restaurant and we arrived at about 1pm and they said it would be about 45min-1hour wait. Then we ventured across the plaza to inquire about the wait time at Empire Restaurant, they had a similar wait time there as well. It was a holiday after all! Not wanting to wait so long, we decided to head over to Shi-Art in Richmond Centre so that if we had to wait, at least we could shop at the same time. Surprisingly there was only 1 person waiting when we got there at 1:3pm… I thought that was strange since they’re in a prime location with lots of parking. Not complaining though! Looks like third times the charm.

Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine

We were led to a back room that is separate from the main restaurant but you have to exit the restaurant through a side door and then go back in. The room only had a few tables and it was quiet there. The servers have access to both sides of the restaurant through the kitchen.

The first dish we had was the Pan Fried Sticky Rice. Basically one of my go-to items for dim sum. This portion was on the small side but flavours were good, rice was nice and chewy, good amount of cured meats.

Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine

Next we had Egg Tarts. Even though it’s suppose to be dessert, they just bring this whenever it’s ready and usually they’re ready before everything else. These were advertised as “steamed egg” egg tarts according to the Chinese (or something like that). We had no idea what that meant but we wanted egg tarts so we ordered it. The tart pastry was not the flaky kind I was expecting and moreover, slightly burnt on the edges and didn’t look too appetizing. Flavour was alright though, I just prefer the flakier tart shell. Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine

These were the Pan Fried Shrimp and Chive CakesShi-Art Chinese Cuisine

Shrimp and Chive Dumplings. These were quite large with lots of tasty filling.

Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine

My favourite dish ended up being these BBQ Pork Pastries! The pastry was so buttery and flaky and the pork inside was tender and flavoured with some ginger. I couldn’t help eating an entire roll by myself even though I was suppose to be “on a diet”. Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine

The Siu Mai is a staple for dim sum but I was quite impressed with these as there was a good mixture of pork and shrimp and mushroom! Mostly I really enjoyed the bouncy texture and it wasn’t overly porky. Shi-Art Chinese CuisineLastly, we had the Beef Rice Rolls. Interestingly enough, Shi-Art’s version had wrapped pea shoots inside with the beef which I found to be a bit strange since they’re usually on the side of the dish and I think I prefer it with just beef inside but nothing wrong with some extra veggies.

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