Aburi at Sushi Loku

I’ve been to Sushi Loku before but have yet to try their aburi. The aburi here is cheaper than Miku and they might have been one of the first restaurants to have aburi besides Miku/Minami and maybe Kishimoto? Don’t quote me on that but we have more restaurants adding aburi to their menus now. Sushi Loku

Before we get to the aburi though, we started with the Crazy Boy Roll which is a deep fried roll with avocado, crab meat, masago and spicy mayo. I’ve been really into deep fried rolls lately. Something about how the warmth of the roll seems to bring out different flavours to me? I also liked the presentation of the roll and how they cut it up.

We also had a Negitoro Roll  and the toro was actually pretty good quality.

Sushi Loku

The Aburi Oshisushi with Salmon came next and had a slice of jalapeno on top with some avocado sauce (as per their menu). I thought this version was well done! For about $13 it was also cheaper! There wasn’t too much mayo on top, the rice held together, and the salmon was creamy and had lightly seared flavours.
Sushi Loku

We also ordered the Aburi Nigiri Collection which comes with 8 pieces. According to the menu, this is suppose to include tuna, hamachi, salmon, wild salmon, toro, beef, chopped scallop and tako. I don’t think we received the same items though since it was probably whatever was fresh that they had on hand that day. I only tried half of these and enjoyed the subtle smokey flavours and there was a good fish to rice ratio. The salmon was very soft! However, one piece was over seared and it was almost cooked through (forgot what the fish was called, it’s the thin white one). Sushi Loku

Lastly, we had the Killer Tuna Tacos which consist of lightly seared tuna with avocado and a spring salad mix as a base on a fried wonton taco topped with fried yam bits. They sounded really cool in theory but I didn’t like them as much because I wasn’t a fan of the wonton taco. In addition, it was quite messy and difficult to eat. Flavours were refreshing though and each taco had about two small pieces of tuna in it. The taco shell also soaks up the salad dressing-style sauce after a while and I actually liked it better than way since I just didn’t like the taste of the plain shell. I wouldn’t get this again and I’d prefer the sushi pizza over this.

Sushi Loku has some interesting rolls and I would come back for the aburi oshisushi! Read my previous post here.

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