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I was having some serious cake cravings and I remembered seeing a bunch of Instagram posts on Trafiq so it was about time I went back. I’m pretty sure Instagram feeds all my cravings since I’m easily influenced. I noticed they had a “new” salted caramel cake that had positive reviews so I hoped that it was available! Trafiq is located on Main and 26th and they also close at 6pm everyday so it’s hard to visit on weekdays if you have work.


Luckily they did have theΒ Salted Caramel Cake that day! I love how all their cakes are so tall. This is a vanilla cake with salted caramel mousse with swirls of salted dulce de leche.


All the layers just worked so well together! The layers of cake were light and moist and the mousse was sweet and smooth, punctuated with doses of salted caramel that oozed between the layers. It was sweet and salty perfection! I can’t describe how good this was.Β Trafiq

My other cake of choice was the Chocolate Chai since I’ve never had it before either and it sounded like an excellent combination since I love chocolate and chai. This was a rich chocolate cake with layers of chai mousse and finished with vanilla cream. The chocolate cake was moist and rich as stated, the chai flavour was apparent but I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. It wasn’t exactly what I was imagining, maybe theΒ chai was too strong as an aftertaste. I don’t know… maybe I was hoping for a chai latte in a cake. In comparison to the salted caramel cake, this was not as sweet. Still very enjoyable and not overly decadent even though I’m not sure how I feel about the chai part. I could’ve easily eaten both slices all by myself! I’m a cake monster… >=) #thisiswhyimfat

Lastly, we also tried the Quiche Lorraine with bacon, swiss and onion, served with a side salad. We needed something savoury to balance all the sweet treats! Just kidding, my boyfriend was just hungry. I never order quiches so I was pleasantly surprised by how good this one was. The savoury bacon flavours went well with the smooth egg mixture and the buttery crust of the quiche. I just might be trying more quiches after this! I didn’t try the salad though because why eat salad when I can have cake?!

I highly recommend a visit to Trafiq if you want some good quality cake for a great price! You get a very generous slice for about $6 and my cake cravings were certainly appeased! Check out my last post on Trafiq where I raved about the Homage to Earl Grey. The cakes are seriously good and I can’t stress it enough!
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