Trying Taiwanese Beer at Maji Restaurant

My friend came back from Japan (she teaches English there) so we set a date to catch up. We were originally going to go to Hanok because I saw on Instagram that they have the sizzling hot plate with the egg, corn and cheese like Tabom but then I decided to try out Cocoru for fried chicken instead. When we got there, they didn’t have much of a line up waiting outside but the server told us that it would be a 1 hour wait so we left since there are so many other options on Alexandra Road.

We ended up heading over to Maji Restaurant down the street and since we were a table of 2, we got a table right away. Yay for no waiting! The restaurant is also a lot more spacious than Cocoru.

Maji Restaurant

Maji Restaurant serves a variety of Taiwanese stir fry dishes and these are meant to be shared. I also got excited after I saw that they have different fruit flavoured beers and I’ve wanted to try them for a while. The Lychee flavoured beer seemed popular as I noticed a few other nearby tables had it as well. Other flavours available include white grape, beer grape, pineapple and mango. With only 3.5% alcohol, this was very light and easy to drink with a sweet flavour to it. I don’t drink a lot but I would get this again!ย Maji Restaurant

We decided that we needed a meat dish to share as well and after we narrowed it down to two choices, we settled it by doing rock-paper-scissors. This led us to order the Garlic Salted Pork. It was served with green onions, celery and onions so that we could also meet our veggie quota for the day. The salted pork was on the fatty side, almost more like pork belly. It would’ve been nice if they had mentioned this on the menu in case there are people who prefer a different cut of meat for their stir fry. Otherwise we enjoyed the mild garlicky flavours here and the salty flavours went well with rice.

Maji Restaurant

For our other dish, we had the Deep Fried Shrimp with Pineapple. The shrimp were perfectly cooked with the right bouncy texture and coated in a thin layer of mayo. My friend and I couldn’t figure out what kind of pineapple they used because they didn’t taste like any kind of pineapple that we had before. It wasn’t fresh but didn’t taste canned and the pineapple chunks didn’t really have much sweetnessย to it but yet were not un-enjoyable to eat?

We each ordered a bowl of rice and they were huge! If you don’t eat a lot of rice you might want to share. The food we ordered wasn’t super memorable but it’s a good option for some Taiwanese food.

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