India Bistro-Private Tasting

Disclaimer: I was invited for a private tasting at India Bistro by fellow food blogger and Instagrammer Julie (Yumdeliciousness). All food was complimentary but opinions are my own.

I must preface this post by saying that I actually have very limited experience with Indian food (besides from the food court) and I believe this is the first blog post about Indian food that I’ve ever written! Sorry if I can’t describe everything properly! The last Indian restaurant I tried was Chutney Villa but I never blogged about it.

India Bistro is situated on Davie Street and they offer a lunch buffet 7 days a week ($12.95/person) from 11:30am-3pm, as well as traditional Indian cuisine.

India Bistro

The interior is spacious with a brick-coloured theme going on and Indian music playing.

India Bistro

On one side there is seating for people who are partaking in the buffet and the other side is for people ordering off the menu. India Bistro

The buffet selection was smaller than I expected but it is only $12.95/person so that’s still plenty of food. The manager said that the chef will prepare us a selection of their best dishes so we didn’t get to choose what to order. We did ask for the food to be medium spicy but that seemed to be missed because none of the food was actually spicy. Not really a problem though as everything was flavourful either way!India Bistro

Our first dish was the Aloo Gobhi, a combination of cauliflower and potatoes cooked in garlic, ginger, tomato & traditional Indian spices. Cauliflower has been one of my favourite vegetables lately and I really enjoyed it here with the sauce. India Bistro has a wide variety of vegetarian dishes as well as gluten free dishes.

India Bistro

Next we had the Vegetable Methi which was unexpectedly tasty! The vegetables used were snow peas, broccoli and carrots cooked in fenugreek leaves & garlic in a special curry sauce. This was very delicious with a creamier sauce to go with it. India Bistro

The Lamb Methi was cooked with dry fenugreek leaves & garlic in a special curry sauce. This was another popular dish at our table and we enjoyed the tender pieces of lamb in here with the mildly spiced curry. They really seem to enjoy using tomato as a garnish here. India Bistro

To soak up all the sauces, we had a serving of Garlic Naan flavoured with garlic and a bit of basil. The garlic was sprinkled on top and I don’t think it really made the bread that flavourful or not as much as we thought. India Bistro

On the other hand, the Onion Kulcha was more like a flatbread stuffed with onions and this was much better than the garlic naan! We should’ve had two servings of this instead! The bread was softer and had more seasoning so it was much more flavourful. India Bistro serves 10 different kinds of naan so there’s going to be one for you! India Bistro

On to the chicken dishes! We had the Chicken Spinach which had boneless chicken breast with spinach, cooked with garlic, ginger & Indian spices. Our table found the spinach sauce to be a little weird in texture and flavour due to the cooked down spinach but I didn’t mind it too much. The overall flavours were not as appealing as the other dishes we had tried. India Bistro

The Chicken Tikka was boneless chicken breast marinated with special ingredients and char broiled. This was on the Tandoori Sizzlers section of their menu. The presentation was nice but there were actually only 7 pieces of chicken for $14.95 and half the plate was garnish…The chicken did have more heat than the other dishes we tried and it wasn’t exactly dry but I’m not a fan of chicken breast and I felt like it needed more sauce or spices. India Bistro

In addition to the dishes the chef picked for us, we also requested the Butter Chicken as this is what most people think of when they think of Indian food. This was another hit at our table as we enjoyed the tangy and creamy tomato sauce. India Bistro

Lastly, someone wanted to try the Goat Curry that they saw at the buffet so we helped ourselves to some. Due to the fattiness of the meat, it reminded me a bit of Chinese beef brisket! It was very tender and tasty. I wouldn’t have minded getting more of this! If you go for the buffet you should definitely try the goat curry!

As someone who doesn’t have much experience with Indian food (besides butter chicken and samosas), I really enjoyed a lot of things I tried here. I didn’t think that they could make vegetables so tasty with Indian spices and sauces! I will definitely be trying more Indian restaurants now. Price wise, it was also not as expensive as I thought. Most dishes are around $13-16. Thanks again for inviting me Julie!

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