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Cafe L’Orangerie is tucked away in a small plaza on 73rd and Hudson St. The location might sound obscure but they’ve been in business for a while now and if you’ve tried their Japanese spaghetti, you’ll probably want to come back for more.

Cafe L'Orangerie

My friends and I met up for an early dinner before watching Logan. There were already quite a few tables occupied at 5:30pm. They do take reservations!

Cafe L'Orangerie

They are having a special for $3.33 cocktails! I forgot what this was called but it was orange juice and campari? It mostly tasted like orange juice with a little bit of alcohol. Cafe L'Orangerie

My other friend was interested in trying the Shanghai Fog which is a Jasmine tea latte. She found it to be too sweet for her though. Cafe L'Orangerie

You can’t go to Cafe L’Orangerie without trying their Masago de Creamy Spaghetti! It has squid, mushroom, asparagus, fish roe and cream. There’s just something about this creamy combination that’s so comforting and delicious! My friend also opted to add a hamburger steak on top for extra protein but she ended up feeling really full and didn’t need the extra hamburger since the portions here are pretty good.Cafe L'Orangerie

For myself I decided to try their Chicken Doria which is a baked rice dish with cheese on top. You can choose to get their curry sauce or the original sauce. I went with the curry sauce. They also warn you that it will take 15-20 minutes. Cafe L'Orangerie

This came piping hot and the rice was flavoured with the curry sauce and it was creamy as well. The cheese on top was a little on the burnt side though. Also, the salad needed more dressing beyond the mayo they drizzled on top. There were only a few pieces of chicken but each piece was very tender and moist. I think they used chicken thighs.

Cafe L'Orangerie

Lastly, my friend who was super late had the Prawn and Mussel Spaghetti. We asked them to put a rush on it since we had to catch the movie and this was made in record time! This was one of the specials of the day and also the most expensive pasta dish due to the use of seafood. It had a similar cream sauce to the masago spaghetti minus the masago.

Cafe L’Orangerie is a great spot for some Japanese fusion food and home-cooking! I have yet to try their desserts though because I’m always too full after dinner! Also, their poutine is bomb (check my previous review)!

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